10 Best SD Card Cases For Memory Card Storage

10 Best SD Card Cases Of 2020

Before we talk about the best SD card cases of the year, I need to ask you a question. Would you put something valuable in a place it could get damaged? Would you throw your grandmother’s fine china into an empty box without protecting it? Probably not.

Now obviously we aren’t talking about grandma’s fine china today, but something perhaps even more valuable: your photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual hobbyist, the images on your SD cards mean something to you. They can’t be retaken, and you can’t recover them if the SD card gets lost or damaged.

So why in the world would you keep something so valuable sitting loosely in your camera bag?

That’s where SD card cases come to the rescue for all photographers. They not only provide a secure place to store your SD cards, but they’re all in one spot! Gone are the days of looking desperately to find that ‘one card’ with the right photos. Let’s go over 10 of the best SD card cases in 2020 that will keep your memory cards organized and secure!

1. Kupton Waterproof Memory Card Case

Starting with my personal favorite and the SD card case I currently use, the Kupton Memory Card Case. As a photographer, this case has everything you could need. With 12 SD slots and 12 micro SD slots, you can fit a total of 24 memory cards in this one case. Best of all, this case is built like an armored vehicle stopping water, dust, or shock from damaging your cards.

If you want a slim and compact design with bulletproof durability, this SD card case is a great option.

Kupton Waterproof Memory Card Specs:

  • Rugged design made with polycarbonate
  • Holds both SD and Micro SD cards
  • Water-Resistant
  • Dust Proof
  • Shock Proof
  • Securely holds memory cards with rubber inserts
  • Dimensions: 5.63″ L x 3.15″ W x 5.04″ H

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2. Elephant Waterproof Protective SD Card Case


If you don’t like the flat lay design typical of most card cases, this Elephant case is a game-changer. It has 26 different SD card slots in laser-cut foam, keeping your cards safe and secure. Rather than having to pry up cards from a rubber surrounding, you can easily slide cards in and out of slots. This case can take anything you throw at it with an IP67 waterproof rating and full impact resistance.

Elephant Protective Case Specs:

  • 26 SD card slots
  • Waterproof
  • Dust-proof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Laser-cut foam for a snug hold on cards
  • Dimensions: 7″ L x 4.5″ W x 1.75″ H

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3. Eco-Fused Canvas Memory Card Case


The boxy and hard plastic look isn’t for everyone. If you prefer something more low-key, consider this canvas SD card case by Eco-Fused. This accordion case has 22 slots ranging in size for different card types. It can hold everything from micro SD cards to standard SD cards and CF cards too. If you want a clean all-in-one card case, this is a great option!

Eco-Fused Canvas Memory Card Case Specs:

  • 22 total slots
  • Fits Micro SD, SD, and CF cards
  • Strong and durable nylon mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Dimensions: 4″ L x 1″ W x 2″ H

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4. Estarer SD Card & Digital Gadget Case


If SD cards aren’t the only small items you’re looking to store, then you’ll love this one. This card case and gadget carrier is perfect if you’re traveling and need to keep everything in one place. With storage space for your external hard drive, USB drives, SD cards, and phone, it fits everything you need. It’s made of durable PU leather and well padded to ensure the safety of everything inside.

Estarer SD Card Case Specs:

  • Holds 16 SD cards
  • Space for USB drives
  • External hard drive storage
  • Phone storage
  • Water-resistant PU Leather
  • Padded interior to keep contents secure
  • Dimensions: 7.5″ L x 4.5″ W x 1.5″ H

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5. Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket Card Case


A lot of card cases are bulky and not something you’d want to carry around in your pocket. However, with the Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket Case, things are different. This memory card case has a low profile design that looks a lot like a wallet. It boasts up to 9 memory card slots as well as a business card holder for easy identification. If you want a card case small enough to fit in your pocket, this is worth considering.

Think Tank Card Case Specs:

  • Holds 9 SD Cards
  • Compact enough to fit in your pocket
  • Built-in business card holder for easy identification
  • Can be attached to clothing or bags with the included lanyard
  • Folded Dimensions: 4.5” L x 2.5” W x .5” H

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6. AmazonBasics Card Case


A great option for the money is the AmazonBasics memory card case. This memory card holder has 24 slots total with 12 SD and 12 micro SD slots. It securely holds your cards in place with a molded rubber interior that absorbs any shock from accidental drops. Just like other hard-cased SD card holders so far, this one is also water and dust resistant.

AmazonBasics Card Case Specs:

  • 24 total memory card slots
  • 12 SD and 12 micro SD
  • 3 slots for CF cards
  • Shock-absorbing rubber interior
  • Water-resistant
  • Dust Resistant
  • Dimensions: 5.6″ L x 3.2″ W x 1.1″ H

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7. Pelican 0945 Compact Memory Card Case


Pelican has long been a mogul in the protective case world. If you already own a few pelican cases for other gear, why not get a memory card case to match. This case has a minimalist design without all the extra fluff. If you want a great water-resistant case without all the fancy features, here’s your option.

Pelican Memory Card Case Specs:

  • Stores 6 CF Cards
  • Shock-absorbing insert
  • Made with a tough polycarbonate resin
  • Water-resistant
  • Dimensions: 4.79″ L x 2.55″ W x 0.55″ H

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8. CamKix Memory Card Case


A lot of memory card cases don’t fit more than a dozen cards. With this CamKix memory card case, you can store 88 cards in one accordion case. When you’re dealing with a ton of memory cards, having 88 slots lets you rest easy, knowing you’ll (probably) never run out of space. It also stores all types of cards from micro SD, SD, and CF cards!

CamKix Memory Card Case Specs:

  • Durable Nylon Case
  • 88 total slots
  • Holds micro SD, SD and CF cards
  • Dimensions: 3.74″ L x 1.06″ W x 2.56″ H

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9. ButterFox SD Card Holder


The beauty of this case is it holds not only SD cards but also PS Vita game cards. If you like a case with multipurpose, this is another solid option. It can hold up to 63 micro SD or SD cards within its durable outer shell. Each card is held in place with secure elastic pockets making every card easy to access.

ButterFox SD Card Holder Specs:

  • Holds 63 cards
  • Holds Micro SD and SD cards
  • Can store PS Vita game cartridges
  • Durable outer shell
  • Elastic pockets
  • Dimensions: 6.42″ L x 5.16″ W x 2.24″ H

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10. WOVTE Card Case


Lastly, get the most bang for your buck with this WOVTE card case that comes as a 2 for 1 bundle. In each card case, you have 18 card slots in an accordion-style pouch. The outer material is made of durable nylon mesh and boasts an anti-static inner liner to protect your cards further.

WOVTE Card Case Specs:

  • Comes with 2 cases for the price of 1
  • 18 storage slots in each case
  • Anti-static inner material
  • Durable nylon mesh exterior
  • Holds micro SD, SD, and CF cards.
  • Dimensions: 4.52″ L x 2.76″ W x 0.59″ H

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The best part about SD card cases is that they’re affordable and extremely functional. You’ll never regret owning one, and there’s no easier way to organize your memory cards. Rather than having cards float around in pockets, protect them with a home inside one of these ten card cases. So those are the best sd card cases of 2020, which ones are your favorite?

– Brendan 🙂

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