Canva Tutorials:

How To Make A Gradient In Canva (Ultimate Guide)

Learn how to make a gradient in Canva with basic gradients, text gradients, border gradients, transparent gradients and more!

How To Create Vertical Text In Canva

Learn the simple step by step process to create vertical text in Canva to add a bit of creative text effects in your designs.

Can You Use PSD Files In Canva?

If you aren't sure if you can use PSD files in Canva, this tutorial shares the answers along with how to get your Canva design into Photoshop.

How To Delete Or Recover A Design In Canva

Learn how to delete a design in Canva along with ways to recover a deleted design in case you made a mistake.

How To Add Page Numbers In Canva

Learn a few different methods to add page numbers in Canva with options using basic text layers, along with custom numbered graphics.

How To Flip Or Rotate Images & Text In Canva

Learn how to flip images or text layers in Photoshop along with tips to rotate your design elements, or even create vertical text!

How To Layer Images, Graphics, And Text In Canva

Learn how to layer anything in Canva to get more creative with your designs and learn how your elements interact with one another.