Photoshop Tutorials:

How To Whiten Teeth In Photoshop (2 Easy Ways)

Discover two surprisingly easy ways to whiten teeth in Photoshop with the help of a few beginner-friendly sliders.

How To Use Gradient Maps In Photoshop

Learn the ins and outs of how to use gradient maps in Photoshop to color grade your photos and transform your images for the better.

How To Make A Silhouette In Photoshop (2 Best Ways)

Here are two easy ways to make a silhouette in Photoshop. The first method creates a silhouette graphic, while the second in more realistic.

How To Type On A Path In Photoshop

Learn how to easily type on a path in Photoshop to make your text follow unique shapes or path outlines that you create in your projects.

How To Use The Quick Selection Tool In Photoshop

Learn how to use the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop to easily cut out objects, remove backgrounds or make selective adjustments.

How To Invert Colors In Photoshop

Learn how to quickly invert the colors of an image or a layer mask in Photoshop along with tips to selectively invert your colors instead!

How To Invert A Selection In Photoshop

Learn the importance of learning to invert a selection in Photoshop with the help of simple keyboard shortcuts and several other methods.

How To Use The Gradient Tool In Photoshop

Learn the ins and outs of how to use the gradient tool in Photoshop with useful tips to help make the most of this impressive tool!

How To Add Realistic Fog In Photoshop

Learn how to easily add fog in Photoshop whether you want a dramatic look, or a realistic and subtle amount of fog in a certain area.

How To Rotate An Image Or Layer In Photoshop

Learn how to rotate an image or layer in Photoshop with a variety of beginner friendly methods to quickly get the job done!
blend if sliders photoshop

How To Use Blend-If In Photoshop (Ultimate Guide)

Learn how to master the blend if sliders in Photoshop to easily blend layers into parts of your image based on exposure values.

How To Make A Repeating Pattern In Photoshop

Learn how to make a seamless pattern in Photoshop, save your own pattern presets, as well as apply your new patterns to shapes and more!

How To Create A Reflection In Photoshop (2 Easy Ways)

Learn two easy ways to create a water reflection in Photoshop either from scratch or while blending an image into existing water.

How To Straighten A Photo In Photoshop (2 Fast Ways)

Here are the two best ways to straighten a photo in Photoshop, along with a bonus method to straighten your image without cropping!

The Best Ways To Save Or Convert An Image To JPEG In Photoshop

Adobe programs work with multiple file types, which sometimes causes confusion when trying to work with a specific file format. Luckily, it’s easy to convert an image to JPEG in Photoshop using a few simple steps. You can open any supported file type in the program and then save it as a JPEG. It’s beneficial ... Read more

How To Install & Use Photoshop Actions (Complete Guide)

Here's how to install a new set of Photoshop actions with ease along with tips to use and customize them to fit your projects.
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