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Fast track your photography and learn your camera settings faster than ever.

Discover The Secrets To Make Manual Mode Easy

Just imagine if you could…

  • CONFIDENTLY choose your camera settings
  • Start taking photo like you ENVISION them in your head.
  • Have the know-how to take MORE CREATIVE pictures.
  • Stop feeling OVERWHELMED by camera settings.
  • Feel MORE EXCITED about taking photos.

Goodbye Automatic give you the tools AND techniques to make learning photography settings easier than ever. This ebook breaks down your camera settings in simple terms and helps you to understand how they work all together.

Learn the easiest ways to choose your camera settings more creatively.

Your camera settings decide so much more than how bright your photo looks. Learn how to use your camera settings more creatively to create amazing in-camera effects. No photo editing required!

“I’ve been taking photos for over 10 years and I WISH I had this book when I started my photography. The way he explains manual mode makes it clear and easy to understand. This book will kickstart you into a new world of photographic possibility!”

– Isaac W.

You Don’t Need To Edit Your Photos To Capture Great Pictures

Just because you edit your pictures doesn’t mean you’ll have a great image. Learn how to do the heavy lifting in-camera and get your image right the first time.

Get your photos right the first time. No photo editing required.

Goodbye Automatic teaches you how to use your camera settings more intentionally. This way you can capture the perfect photo every time. You can feel confident you’re choosing the best camera settings for any situation. 

Goodbye Automatic makes it easy to learn manual mode on any camera.

This ebook makes learning manual mode easier than ever by breaking down the three pillars of exposure in photography.

As you learn about these crucial settings, it becomes clear how they all relate together. By learning about these three pillars, you have the baseline knowledge to begin building a photo taking workflow in manual mode.

Goodbye Automatic gives you the step by step guidance to learn your camera settings, discover how they work together, and help you build a workflow to capture photos more efficiently in manual mode.

This ebook also comes with two additional reference books to help you decode your settings display and memorize exposure settings while you’re taking photos. With these additional reference guides, you can choose your camera settings with more confidence and peace of mind.

Learn manual mode more efficiently with these 3 simple phases.

1. Learn Your Camera Settings

Stop feeling overwhelmed by your camera settings. Be guided through each setting individually to help you learn their important uses. Discover how your camera settings play a role both visually, and creatively!

2. Discover How They Work Together

Learn how your camera settings work together to create an image. Realize that choosing the best camera settings is a balancing act. Learn how to balance your settings for the best results!

3. Build A Workflow

Launch into manual mode with the help of my tried and true manual mode workflow. This series of steps helps you to decide the best camera settings for any situation. 

“I’ve always found photography books to be abstract and overwhelming. That’s not the case with Goodbye Automatic. Brendan explains even the most complicated ideas in ways that are easy to follow. I finally understand manual mode because of this book.”

– Kim E.

Break Free From The Automatic Camera Settings That Hold You Back?

Stop letting your camera call the shots. Learning to take pictures in manual mode is one of the most important steps for any photographer. When you shoot in manual mode, you gain back the creative control in your photography. You become the author of your images.

Goodbye Automatic breaks down manual mode by individual settings. This ebook helps you to learn the most crucial settings on their own, so it’s easy to understand how they all work together. 

By breaking down manual mode into more digestible chunks, it feels far less intimidating and overwhelming. Begin to realize that conquering manual mode isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Basic Package

Get Goodbye Automatic without additional reference guides.


(Regularly $19.99)

  • Instant Access To The Goodbye Automatic Ebook
  • Learn to master manual mode, even as a total beginner.
  • Feel confident choosing your camera settings in any situation.
Photography Package

Get Goodbye Automatic + reference guides to help you in the field.


(Regularly $39.99)

  • Instant Access To The Goodbye Automatic Ebook
  • Learn to master manual mode, even as a total beginner.
  • Feel confident choosing your camera settings in any situation.
  • BONUS Camera Settings Display Cheat Sheet ($10 Value) to help decode your cameras settings display.
  • BONUS Exposure Guide ($15 Value) to help you remember stops and choose the right exposure in the field.

What’s Inside?

Chapter 1 – How Cameras Work

Begin to understand the basic functionalities and the important components of your camera. Learn how an image is recorded and the ways your camera settings can alter your photo.

Chapter 2 – Exposure & Stops

In chapter 2 we break down what exposure is in photography and why it’s so important. Begin to understand stops and why they’re a crucial tool to help you choose your camera settings. 

Chapter 3 – Understanding Camera Shutter

Get to know camera shutter and learn why it’s one of the most important tools in your photography. Find out the different ways your shutter can capture motion and new ideas to use this powerful setting more creatively.

Chapter 4 – Must-Knows Of Aperture

In chapter 4 you’ll learn the ins and outs of aperture in your photography. Learn the different ways it affects your photos and how to control it with confidence. Learn how to use aperture in a variety of different photography genres and styles.

Chapter 5 – Understanding ISO

Get to know ISO and why it’s an important tool in digital photography. Discover the best strategies for using ISO and how to avoid its notable drawbacks.

Chapter 6 – The Manual Mode Workflow

In this exciting chapter you’ll learn how to effectively merge the three pillars of exposure together. Learn a tried and true method I use to help myself choose the best camera settings in any situation. By implementing the steps in this chapter, using manual mode becomes easier than ever.  

Chapter 7 – Focus

It’s impossible to capture a great photo without perfect focus. This chapter breaks down everything you need to know about focus and focusing modes on your camera. 

Chapter 8 – White Balance In Photography

This commonly overlooked setting is one of the most important for capturing colour true to real life. In this chapter you’ll learn how white balance works and strategies you can implement to use it more creatively.

Chapter 9 – The Light Meter

The light meter is your best friend in helping you choose the right exposure. This chapter will help you to understand what your light meter is telling you and how to adjust your settings accordingly.

Chapter 10 – Lenses In Photography

Lenses do so much more than just zoom into your subject. This chapter teaches you the different reasons why your lens choice matters and tips to choose the right focal length for your photo.

Free Preview 

Access A Free Preview Of Goodbye Automatic

View the first few pages of Goodbye Automatic to give you an idea of what to expect.

What Are The Bonuses?

The Camera Settings Display Cheat Sheet

The Camera Settings Display Cheat Sheet works as a handy reference guide to help you remember the meaning behind your settings icons.

It can be tough to memorize over a dozen different symbols and numbers shown on your settings display. With the help of this cheat sheet, you’ll never have to wonder about what your camera is trying to tell you.

This cheat sheet can be saved onto your phone to be used as a pocket guide to take with you on the go!

(Only included in the photography package)

camera settings cheat sheet by brendan williams

The Exposure Guide

The Exposure Guide gives you added peace of mind when choosing your camera settings. The guide works as a cheat sheet to help you remember stop values across different settings with visual examples of each result. 

With this guide, you can quickly remember the different ways to add or reduce stops for the perfect exposure in every shot. The contents in this guide work under the presumption you understand the skills discussed in chapter 9, so make sure to read up on that chapter to gain the most value!

(Only included in the photography package)

the exposure guide by brendan williams

Meet The Author??????????

Hey there, I’m Brendan and I’m so excited to help you finally take charge of your photography.

Learning Manual Mode is one of the biggest steps in any beginner photographers journey. Unfortunately, the reality is, taking that step from automatic to manual can feel overwhelming and flat out intimidating. Especially if you don’t know where to start. I remember being in the same shoes you’re in right now.

The trouble is, you are never able to exactly capture your creative vision if you’re letting the camera choose your settings. By shooting in automatic, you lose the creative benefits that are the key to your growth as a photographer.

Goodbye Automatic gives beginner photographers an actionable and strategic way to learn manual mode. This ebook was designed to help you connect the dots and realize manual mode isn’t as scary as it seems. Readers will not only learn to feel confident with a camera in hand, but also discover what it takes to be the true author of your images.


brendan williams photography

“I’ve never been so excited to use my camera!”

– Jillian A.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I Gain From Reading This Book?

Goodbye Automatic is the perfect resource to help beginner photographers learn camera settings in an actionable format. You not only learn the technical skills required of manual mode, but you learn how to translate those new skills into your photography. If you’ve been struggling to learn your settings, don’t know where to begin, or are looking to gain more creative freedom in your photography, this book is for you.

How Do I Know If Goodbye Automatic Is Right For Me?

If you want to stop shooting with automatic settings, learn how to get the most out of your camera, and start feeling more creative with your photography, then this book is for you. Goodbye Automatic is tailored towards beginner photographers who want to choose camera settings with confidence.

How Long Will It Take To Read?

This ebook is 10 chapters over 67 pages that are jam packed with technical and actionable photography tips. Most people can read this ebook in one day, but will continue to use it as a reference well into the future. I encourage readers to go through the information, put it to practice, and come back again later on. With each time reading, you’ll find more value in the chapters as your skills improve.

Is This Really Worth The Cost?

In a word… yes! There are few other photography resources as actionable and affordable as Goodbye Automatic. You can get the complete bundle (Goodbye Photography, Photography Settings Display Cheat Sheet, and The Exposure Guide) for less than the price of a meal out. The tips in these books will continue to offer value long after your purchase.

How Soon Will I Receive My Ebook(s)?

Almost instantly! After your payment is processed, the ebook(s) will be sent directly to your email inbox as downloadable PDF files.

Can I Print Out The Ebook(s)?

Yes! You can print out the ebook(s) if you prefer to have a paper copy. You are free to use Goodbye Automatic in any way you see fit for your personal use.

How Long Do I Have The Ebook(s) For?

Forever! Once you download the files that were delivered to your email, you are free to access these files whenever you’d like, as long as you’d like. I would suggest to store the files in a safe place (like an external hard drive) so you don’t accidentally lose them in the future.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Your photography isn’t going to improve unless you put in the effort. Yes this book gives you the tools, techniques and strategies, to begin shooting in manual mode, but it also requires you to put in the work and practice. By offering such a clear cut and definitive guide to camera settings, this ebook will pay itself off many times over if you take action.

With that said, if you aren’t completely satisfied, please send me an email within 14 days of your purchase sharing why you feel that way. If you prove to me that you’ve applied the skills learned from this book, but still aren’t getting anywhere with manual mode, I’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

Where Can I View The Ebook(s)

The ebook(s) can be viewed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. I encourage readers to keep a copy on their phone as a reference guide on the go!

“Learning how to use manual mode was the best decision I’ve made for my photography.”

– Kevin T.