Photography Tutorials For Beginners

Whether you have dreams of being a full time photographer or just love getting out there with your camera, there’s an endless list of things to learn and experiment with. These tutorials are here to help you feel more confident with your camera, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Below is a list of hand curated articles to help get you started and improve in your photography. With so many photography tutorials out there, this page is meant to help silence the noise and help you focus on what matters.

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Essential Photography Tutorials For Beginners

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Latest Photography Tutorials

What Are Jpeg Photos? (And Are They Different From JPG)

Let’s break down exactly what a JPEG file is and why they are one of the most widely used image file types used online today.

How To Introduce Yourself As A Photographer (6 Effective Strategies)

To grow your business, introductions are important. Use these 6 tips to learn how to properly introduce yourself as a photographer!

Hobbyist Vs. Professional Photographer – What’s The Difference?

Discover the key differences between hobbyist and professional photographers to better understand which category you may fall under.

Types Of Camera Mounts For Tripods – Which Should You Use?

Learn the different types of camera mounting options for tripods from tripod heads, quick-release plates, screw adapters, and more!

How To Take Better Behind The Scenes Photos – 10 Tips

Learn ten actionable behind the scenes photography tips to help capture better photos and candid reactions of the moments unfolding on set.

Photo Editing Vs Photo Manipulation – What’s The Difference?

Learn the differences between photo editing vs photo manipulation to help identify the pros and cons to each type of editing style.

16:9 vs 4:3 – Which Aspect Ratio Should You Use?

Before you capture a photo or video, you need to decide on aspect ratio. This post breaks down the important differences between 16:9 and 4:3

22 Basic Camera Parts You Should Know

Discover 22 of the most important basic camera parts for digital cameras and see what each of them do for your photography.

8 Best Canon Cameras With A Flip Screen (For Photo And Video)

In this post I break down 8 of the best Canon cameras with a flip screen that are perfect for shooting photo or video!

Why Do Photographers Use Photoshop?

Learn the unique advantages you have when editing photos in Photoshop and why this program is an essential tool used by many photographers.