Here, you’ll find all my tutorials related to the Move Tool in Photoshop and ways to elevate what you can do with this tool. If you aren’t sure where to begin, I suggest viewing the key guides below first.

The Move Tool In Photoshop – Key Tutorials

All Move Tool Related Tutorials:

How To Use The Transform Tool In Photoshop (Ultimate Guide)

Learn everything you need to know to use the Transform Tool in Photoshop to have the most control over your layers positioning and size.

How To Align & Distribute Layers In Photoshop

Learn how to quickly align and distribute layers in Photoshop to make your elements have perfect spacing with very little effort!

How To Use The Warp Tool In Photoshop (In-Depth Guide)

The Warp Tool in Photoshop is an excellent tool for portrait and commercial photography, although you can use it on any image or image elements, such as text and shapes. The tool manipulates the image or an object in a photo by warping it. You can produce creative or corrective results when you know how … Read more

How To Fix The Move Tool In Photoshop

Learn five ways to fix the Move Tool in Photoshop whether your layer won’t select, you can’t scale it, or something in between.

How To Change Snap To Grid Settings In Photoshop

Learn how to change the snap to grid settings in Photoshop to help you align objects to your grid automatically, or disable snapping.

How To Use Grids & Guides In Photoshop (Complete Guide)

Learn how to use grids and guides in Photoshop to better align objects, along with useful tips to customize your grid and guide appearances.

Changing The Unit Of Measurement In Photoshop (Pixels To Inches)

Learn how to change the unit of measurement in Photoshop from Pixels to Inches to Points to Picas and more, no matter your project.

How To Remove Ruler, Guide, And Grid Lines In Photoshop

Learn how to quickly remove the rule, clear grid lines, and turn off the pixel grid in Photoshop with helpful keyboard shortcuts!

How To Use The Move Tool in Photoshop (Complete Guide)

On the surface, there doesn’t seem like there’s much to the Move Tool. In reality, there are a variety of commonly overlooked features that can make a big difference in your workflow.