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  • Learn Photography

  • Edit Your Photos

  • Get Creative!

Learning Photography Doesn’t Have To Be Hard…

All it takes is an understanding of the essentials! To help get you started, here are a series of must read articles for any beginner. These posts share the perfect ways to kick start your photography and master your camera settings.

Understanding The Exposure Triangle

How To Choose The Perfect Camera Mode

– The Best Camera Settings For Beginners

– The 5 Most Important Rules Of Composition

– 35 Important Photography Terms You Should Know 

Bring Your Photos To The Next Level…

Learning how to edit photos can feel overwhelming and hard when you first start out. We’ve all been there at one point before! Luckily you can speed up the process and avoid common beginner mistakes with these great photo editing tutorials:

How To Edit Photos In Lightroom

Learn To Sharpen Photos Like A Pro With The High Pass Filter

The Easy Methods To Change Any Color With Photoshop

– Master The Tone Curve To Enhance Your Photos

– Best Methods To Remove A Background In Photoshop

pixel stretch effect photoshop action

Start Thinking Outside The Box…

Sure learning photography is great, but it’s a lot more fun when you can get creative! On this blog I love sharing any creative photography ideas I come across. That means there are a whole bunch of wicked articles for you to let your creativity run wild! Here are a few of my favourites:

– How To Create The Pixel Stretch Effect

– 5 DIY Lens Effects To Try This Weekend

– Create A Double Exposure Image From Scratch

– 8 Fun Photography Projects You Can Do From Home

– Best Camera Settings For Traffic Trail Photography

Ready For A Challenge?

Download the 12-Week Photography Blueprint and challenge your photography over 90 days!

Your Shortcut To Photo Editing

Explore the latest photo editing assets and presets available in the store.

Meet Brendan

Hey! I’m the face (and name) behind bwillcreative, so you’re going to see a lot of me around here. My mission is to help you improve your photography, no matter what stage you’re at in your journey. The goal is to offer actionable, unique, and honest techniques for you to level up your photography and have fun doing it. I like to keep things clear and easy to understand without all the technical jargon that can make you feel overwhelmed.

On this blog you’ll find new photography ideas, techniques, and tools that light a fire in your belly and make you excited to take photos. I want to help you capture images exactly like you envision them. I want to make you realize that photography doesn’t have to be hard, and you’re capable of capturing anything you can imagine.

So, it’s time to put aside your self-doubt and realize you are a kick-butt photographer. It’s time to start feeling more creative and excited with a camera in your hands. It’s time to take your photography to new levels.

So if you’re in, let’s get started!

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