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The Bird Break Away Effect

Similar to the “Dispersion Effect”, this alteration makes your subject seemingly break apart into countless birds mid flight. This photoshop effect is a fun and creative way to add a little bit of extra flare to your silhouettes!

Follow Along

Create this image for yourself! Download the image used in this tutorial: http://bit.ly/2GvVfIZ

Like many of my tutorials, this image is a stock photo. If you are curious about which sites I recommend for stock photos for your composites click here.

Video Tutorial

Continue below for the Birds Brush Pack Download, as well as how to import the brush pack into Photoshop!


I made a brush pack for you all to download so you can make the most out of this lesson! Included are 5 unique bird brushes perfect for this break away effect, or even just adding some birds into your sky!

In this tutorial I am using the “BIRDS 1” Brush.

birdsbrushpack_promophoto_thumbnail2 copy

Get Access To This Brush Pack

If you are unsure how to import this brush pack into Photoshop, I have written a simple step by step guide to importing brush packs into Photoshop!

I hope you enjoyed this technique and have fun using this brush pack in your future images! Make sure to leave a LIKE on this post and SHARE it with anyone else you may enjoy.

Happy Editing!