Goodbye Automatic: The Beginners Guide To Photography


Goodbye Automatic teaches the ins and outs of photography and camera settings for beginners. If you feel overwhelmed when you pick up a camera or struggle to understand your settings, then this book is for you. Unlike other beginner photography books out there, Goodbye Automatic helps you to build a workflow. It helps you to understand the step-by-step process behind choosing the best camera settings for any shot. This book will give you the resources and know-how to break free of your automatic settings and finally take control of your photography!

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Goodbye Automatic gives you the tools AND techniques to make learning photography settings easier than ever. This ebook breaks down your camera settings in simple terms and helps you to understand how they work all together.

Your camera settings decide so much more than how bright your photo looks. Learn how to use your camera settings more creatively to create amazing in-camera effects. No photo editing required!

Make learning manual mode easier than ever by breaking down the three pillars of exposure in photography. As you learn about these crucial settings, it becomes clear how they all relate together. By learning about these three pillars, you have the baseline knowledge to begin building a photo taking workflow in manual mode.

Goodbye Automatic gives you the step by step guidance to learn your camera settings, discover how they work together, and help you build a workflow to capture photos more efficiently in manual mode.

If you want to:

  • CONFIDENTLY choose your camera settings
  • Start taking photo like you ENVISION them in your head.
  • Have the know-how to take MORE CREATIVE pictures.
  • Stop feeling OVERWHELMED by camera settings.
  • Feel MORE EXCITED about taking photos.
Then this ebook is for you!


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