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Hey there! I’m Brendan, the guy behind Bwillcreative.com. My goal around here is simple. To help you unlock your creativity with actionable tips to level up your photography and photo editing. 

I’ve worked with clients all over the globe creating travel campaigns, branded content, graphic design projects, and more, but getting to this point was not easy.

I always struggled with learning new editing programs, design techniques, or ways to capture better photos. I often felt over my head and soon found out I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

Fast forward many years, and I created this site as a resource I wish I had earlier in my career. A place for creatives like you to get the answers you need in plain English, without the technical jargon that’s straight-up confusing

It’s time to have FUN creating again.

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How To Use Dehaze In Lightroom

How To Use Dehaze In Lightroom

Learn how to use dehaze in Lightroom along with five different ways you can use the dehaze tool to improve your images in Lightroom.

How To Use Range Masks In Lightroom

How To Use Range Masks In Lightroom

Learn how to use range masks in Lightroom to selectively target the color or exposure values of your images for extremely refined adjustments.

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