Image & Text Effects For Photoshop – 40+ Free Tutorials

There is a seemingly endless list of effects you can use to add a creative twist to your edits or designs in Photoshop. With this ultimate reference guide of free tutorials, you can quickly find inspiration and new Photoshop effects to try. If you aren’t sure where to start, begin by working through my most popular effects tutorials!

Popular Photoshop Effects Tutorials

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How To Create Smoke In Photoshop (2 Easy Ways)

Learn two ways to create smoke in Photoshop with a set of custom smoke brushes, or completely from scratch, depending on your style!
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How To Create A Double Exposure In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn the easy step by step process to create a double exposure effect in Photoshop and use practice images to follow along with.

How To Create A Bokeh Effect In Photoshop (Fast & Simple)

Learn the easiest and fastest way to add a bokeh effect into any photo in Photoshop using simple overlays and layer blending modes.

How To Create The Dispersion Effect In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn the simple step by step process to create the dispersion effect in Photoshop to make any subject look like they are vanishing to dust.

How To Add Sparkle Effects In Photoshop (2 Easy Ways)

Learn two simple ways to create a sparkle effect in Photoshop using either Legacy Brushes or a custom sparkle brush you can make in Photoshop.

How To Blur A Layer In Photoshop (3 Easy Ways)

Here are three different ways to blur a layer in Photoshop to create a soft and dreamy look around any part of your layers.

How To Edit A GIF In Photoshop (Quickly!)

Here’s how to edit a GIF in Photoshop to customize the look and speed of any frame within the gif with ease.

How To Add A Tattoo In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn how to quickly apply a tattoo in Photoshop with these simple steps for both black and white or color tattoos.

How To Turn A Photo Into A Sketch In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn the step by step process to turn any photo into a sketch in Photoshop for a fun effect that doesn’t require any art skills!

How To Create The Cartoon Effect In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn the step by step process to turn any photo into a cartoon in Photoshop with this fun and easy cartoon effect with an extra twist!

How To Create The Chrome Effect In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Discover how to create the chrome effect in Photoshop to apply onto text and graphics to give them a shiny metal-like appearance.

How To Create The Watercolor Effect In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn how to add a whimsical watercolor effect to any image in Photoshop by following the simple steps in this guide.

How To Create The Chalk Effect In Photoshop (Images & Shapes!)

Learn how to create the chalk effect in Photoshop using these steps to apply on images, text, or shapes in your projects.

How To Create A Glass Effect In Photoshop (10 Easy Steps)

Learn the step by step process to create the glass effect in Photoshop to apply onto any shape or text layer that you work with!

How To Create A Photo Mosaic In Photoshop

Learn the surprisingly easy steps to create a photo mosaic in Photoshop using a pattern fill layer and a single blending mode!

How To Turn A Photo Into A Painting In Photoshop (2 Easy Ways)

Discover two ways to turn a photo into a painting in Photoshop along with a variety of easy filters to enhance the overall effect.

How To Create The Glow Effect In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn how to add a stunning glow effect in Photoshop using this step by step process along with custom brush adjustments.

How To Make Flames & Sparks In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn the step by step process to create flames from scratch in Photoshop along with using spark overlays to enhance the effect.

How To Create Duotone Colors In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Here are two easy ways to create duotone colors in Photoshop and apply them to your images to stylize them with a unique color effect!

How To Add Lightning In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn how to add lightning to your photos from scratch with this easy to follow 12 step process in Photoshop!

The Metal Text Effect In Photoshop (3 Easy Styles)

Learn to create three different metal text effects in Photoshop that don’t require additional assets beyond what’s inside the program.

How To Use A Displacement Map In Photoshop (Ultimate Guide)

Learn what displacement maps are used for in Photoshop, along with how to use displacement maps to blend the texture of two images together.

How To Create The Glitch Effect In Photoshop

Learn a few different methods to create the glitch effect in Photoshop on both text and images to enhance your projects!

How To Make An Old Photo Effect In Photoshop

Learn the easy step by step process to make an old photo effect in Photoshop using Camera Raw and a grain overlay texture.

How To Make Photos Look Like A Polaroid In Photoshop

Learn two easy ways to make a photo look like a polaroid in Photoshop by creating a reusable polaroid template!

How To Make Photos Look Torn In Photoshop (Ripped Paper Effect)

Learn how to make photos look torn to create the ripped paper effect in Photoshop for a fun create twist on any image!

How To Make A Stencil In Photoshop (From An Image!)

Learn how to make a stencil in Photoshop from an image using a few layer effects. Then discover how to save your stencil as a custom shape!

How To Bend Or Curve An Image In Photoshop

If you need to bend or curve an image in Photoshop, this tutorial will walk you through all of the different ways of doing so!

How To Blur & Pixelate Faces In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn the easiest ways to blur or pixelate faces in Photoshop whether you want to conceal the identity of one subject or multiple!

How To Outline A Person in Photoshop

Learn two effective ways to outline a person in Photoshop using strokes options in the Layer Styles, or outlining the active selection!

How To Make A Screen Glow With Photoshop (Phone, TV, Laptop Glows)

Learn two of the best ways to make screen glows in Photoshop that can quickly be applied to phones, tablets, computers, or TV screens

50 Creative Things You Can Do With Photoshop (Must-Try!)

Find 50 fun Photoshop tutorials to help you discover all the amazing things you can do with Adobe Photoshop!

How To Make Photos Look Soft And Dreamy In Photoshop

Learn the easy step be step process to adding a soft and dreamy look to a photo in Photoshop,

The Orton Effect In Photoshop – Glow Effects For Landscape Photography!

The Orton Effect is a post-processing trick that adds a soft glow over top of a photo. It’s a great tool to make images appear more whimsical, dreamlike and grand. The exact thing all landscape photographers are striving for! There are a variety of ways to apply the Orton Effect into your photography, but in this article, I’ll be sharing the best way to create the Orton Effect using Photoshop, in just a few simple steps.

How To Make The Pixel Stretch Effect In Photoshop + Photoshop Action!

The Pixel Stretch Photoshop Effect As a creator I am constantly on the hunt for fun photo effects to create. Whether it’s in camera or editing effects, it’s a sure way to add a unique twist to your images. The pixel stretch effect is no exception! The pixel stretch effect samples a small amount of … Read more

How To Make iMessage Text Bubbles In Photoshop – Text Bubble Overlays

iMessage Text Bubble Asset Pack For Photo + Video Finally, an iMessage Text Bubble Asset Pack to save you time! These iMessage bubble overlays have become increasingly common in mainstream media content. From video graphics to fun photo overlays, it’s easy to see why the iMessage bubble effect has taken hold. iMessage text bubble overlays … Read more
lens ball effect photoshop tutorial

How To Create The Lens Ball Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

Creating The Lens Ball Effect In Photoshop After seeing this effect floating around my instagram feed constantly, I figured it was time to give it a try. I began to play around with a few different shape layers and brushes to see what kind of looks I could pull off. Who needs to actually buy … Read more