How To Edit Photos In Lightroom

Here, you’ll find guides to help you master the art of photo editing in Lightroom, from essential tools to advanced adjustments. Choose from quick links to my most popular tutorials or view the collection of all my Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom) photo editing tips.

Most Important Lessons

All Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorials

How To Use Generative Remove In Lightroom – Complete Guide

Learn how to use the Generative Remove feature in Adobe Lightroom to seamlessly remove large objects from your photos with AI.

How To Add A Watermark In Lightroom Classic & CC

Learn how to add a text or graphic watermark to a photo in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC to protect your photos from theft.

How To Use Dehaze In Lightroom

Learn how to use dehaze in Lightroom along with five different ways you can use the dehaze tool to improve your images in Lightroom.

How To Use The Radial Filter In Lightroom

Learn how to master the radial gradient in Lightroom to help draw the viewers eyes to your subject and help balance your overall exposure.

How To Edit Better Photos In Lightroom (10 Easy Tips)

Discover 10 powerful ways to edit better photos in Lightroom that anyone can use to create jaw dropping edits in any photo.

How To Use The Tone Curve In Lightroom (Ultimate Guide)

Learn the ins and out of how to use the Tone Curve in Lightroom to enhance your photos and improve their overall exposure and contrast.

How To Use The Histogram In Lightroom (Classic & CC)

Learn how to use the histogram in Lightroom to correct your exposure along with tips to use it effectively in your editing.

How To Use Range Masks In Lightroom

Learn how to use range masks in Lightroom to selectively target the color or exposure values of your images for extremely refined adjustments.

How To Use Reference Photos To Edit Images In Lightroom

Learn how to use reference photos and reference view in Lightroom to help speed up the editing process and keep your edits consistent.

How To Use Super Resolution In Lightroom (Explained)

Let’s take a look at what Super Resolution is in Lightroom, how to use it, and what to consider before you apply it to your photos.

How To Adjust The White Balance In Lightroom (Complete Guide)

Here’s every way to adjust white balance in Lightroom, along with a handful of tips to make the whole process easier.

How To Remove Wrinkles In Lightroom (Fast & Easy!)

Learn how to easily remove wrinkles in Lightroom to give your subjects a more youthful look without going overboard.

How To Use The Adjustment Brush In Lightroom

Let’s take a look at how to use the adjustment brush in Lightroom to add or subtract selective adjustments from your edits with ease.

How To Use The Healing Brush In Lightroom

Learn how to use the Healing Brush in Lightroom to remove unwanted distractions from your images with ease, even if you’re a beginner!

How To Resize A Photo In Lightroom

Here’s how to resize a photo in Lightroom for print or for web along with a helpful tip to upscale your images without losing any quality.

How To Rotate The Crop Orientation In Lightroom

Here’s how to easily rotate the crop orientation in Lightroom to change your crop from portrait to landscape or vice versa.

How To Use The Graduated Filter In Lightroom (Complete Guide)

Learn how to use the graduated filter in Lightroom to create customized selective adjustments, add mood, or correct the exposure of a photo.

How To Change DPI In Lightroom (Classic & CC)

Learn to quickly change the DPI of a photo in Lightroom when you export, along with some tips to consider before you change the resolution.

How To Undo In Lightroom (Desktop & Mobile)

Learn the different fast and easy ways to undo in Lightroom desktop and mobile so you can experiment with your edits without worry!

How To Invert Masks In Lightroom

Learn how to easily invert a mask in Photoshop to make adjustments to the opposite of your original selected area.

How To Revert To Your Original Photo In Lightroom (3 Quick Ways)

Learn three quick and easy ways to revert your editing photos in Lightroom back to their originals using manual methods along with shortcuts.

How To Zoom In Lightroom (2 Easy Ways + Shortcuts)

Learn two easy ways to zoom in Lightroom along with some helpful keyboard shortcuts to make the process even faster.

How To Color Correct & Enhance Colors In Lightroom

Learn how to color correct images in Lightroom along with tips to enhance colors and bring an image to life with a few simple tools.

How To Blur A Background In Lightroom (Realistically!)

Learn how to blur a background in Lightroom with three different methods that create an ultra realistic background blur in minutes.

How To Convert To Black & White In Lightroom Classic & CC

Learn how to convert images to black and white in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC along with batch editing tips to speed up your edits.

How To Brighten & Enhance Eyes In Lightroom

Learn the step-by-step methods behind brightening and enhancing eyes in Lightroom to make your portrait images come to life.

How To Create A Panorama In Lightroom

Learn the simple step by step process to create a panorama in Lightroom so you don’t need to deal with manually merging your photos.

How To Change Color In Lightroom (Even To White Or Black)

Discover the easiest ways to change color in Lightroom whether you want to change the general hue of an image, or selectively change color.

How To Whiten Teeth In Lightroom

Learn how to whiten teeth in Lightroom using a simple step by step process that uses the effects panel for the adjustment brush tool.

How To Create A Slideshow In Lightroom

Learn how to quickly create a slideshow in Lightroom to professionally share your images with potential clients or friends and family.

How To Remove Blemishes And Soften Skin in Lightroom

Learn how to remove blemishes and soften skin in Lightroom using simple settings with the spot removal adjustment and adjustment brush.

How To Dodge And Burn In Lightroom Classic & CC

Learn how to dodge and burn in Lightroom to add subtle brightening and darkening adjustments to your photos to make them stand out!

How To Batch Edit Photos In Lightroom Classic & CC

Learn how to easily batch edit photos in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC to save time while still getting awesome edits in your images!

How To Easily Copy Settings In Lightroom

If you want to copy and paste settings in Lightroom to speed up your editing process, this tutorial will teach you everything you should know.

How To Use Crop Overlays In Lightroom To Improve Your Photos

Discover the many uses of crop overlays in Lightroom to improve your compositions or help prepare your images for print.

7 Easy Ways To Fix The Adjustment Brush In Lightroom

Discover 7 reasons why your adjustment brush isn’t working in Lightroom and exactly how to fix these problems in seconds!

How To See & Edit Brush Strokes In Lightroom

Learn 3 easy ways to see your brush strokes in Lightroom as well as discover some helpful tips to make brush adjustments easier than ever!

How To Duplicate A Photo In Lightroom (With Shortcuts!)

Learn three different ways to duplicate a photo in Lightroom, along with a helpful duplicating keyboard shortcut to speed up the process.

30 Awesome Things You Can Do With Lightroom (For All Skill Levels!)

Discover 30 cool things you can do in Lightroom to help improve your photo editing and get more creative with your photography!

How To See Before And After In Lightroom & Lightroom Mobile

Learn how to see the before and after of your edits in Lightroom and Lightroom mobile in this complete guide to before and after viewing!

3 Ways To Darken The Background Of A Photo In Lightroom

Learn three of the best ways to darken the background of a photo in Lightroom to correct the exposure and isolate your subject in the image.

How To Make Your Photos Brighter In Lightroom

Learn how to make photos brighter in Lightroom to maintain the most detail in your photo and avoid any blown-out highlights in the process.

How To Fix Yellow Photos In Lightroom – Correcting Color Cast

Learn three easy ways to fix yellow photos in Lightroom as well as correct other common color casts occurring in your images.

How To Mask In Lightroom – A Guide To Selective Adjustments

Learn three simple ways to mask in Lightroom as well as two incredible tools to help refine any selective adjustment.

How To Fix Grainy Photos With These 5 Easy Tricks

Grain can be caused by a variety of different factors, all of which you have total control over. By remembering these simple strategies to fix grain in your photos, you’ll know how to get rid of it in any situation.

How To Rotate A Photo In Lightroom

Learn the best methods to rotate and flip a photo in Lightroom through a variety of simple shortcuts perfect for any level of experience.

How To Crop And Straighten Any Photo In Lightroom

Cropping a photo is one of the most important tasks for any photo editor. It can eliminate distractions, create a new aspect ratio, or help to straighten an image. In Lightroom CC, cropping photos is simple and easy to learn with the help of a dedicated crop tool. Learn how to use it in this article!

How To Identify And Fix Blown Out Highlights In Lightroom

As long as you were shooting in RAW, there are a few easy ways to fix blown out highlights in Lightroom. This article will share the best methods to correct your exposure, and identify any problem areas in your photo.