Learn How To Use Lightroom – 110+ Free Tutorials

Since starting with Lightroom for my file organization and photo editing in 2015, it has become a trusted tool I rely on to level up my photos. Although there are many simple aspects of the program, the depth of this program makes it challenging to master on your own. So with these tutorials, you’ll be able to quickly connect the dots to discover new techniques and skills to improve your own images.

Whether you need to get up and running with the basics of Lightroom to manage your catalogs and folders better or want some inspiration for your next edit, these guides have you covered.

Below you will find all my Lightroom Tutorials organized into specific groups to help make it easy to navigate. These tutorials cover Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Lightroom CC), and Lightroom Mobile.

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What Can I Help You With?

These tutorials will help you import images, organize your catalogs, sort images within your library, and more. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by how many photos you have, this is the place to start.

Learn how to use Lightroom to add subtle or dramatic adjustments that transform your images. From essential tools like cropping or masking adjustments to helpful tips that will improve your color grading, these tutorials will have the answers.

Learn how to create specific looks in your photos with these step-by-step guides to create stunning edits. You’ll also learn how to utilize presets to speed up your editing and save time.

Not a Lightroom Classic or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom user? Try these Lightroom Mobile tutorials to help you master photo editing on the go while unlocking industry-leading tips.