Learn The Formula That Makes Advanced Photoshop Selections SIMPLE

To instantly improve the quality of your image retouching, compositing, and graphic design projects!
Selections Made Simple is for creatives struggling to master time-consuming, overwhelming, and seemingly tedious Photoshop selection techniques.

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Hey Friend,

When you think of selections in Photoshop, what are the first words that come to mind?

Time Consuming?

These are all words that describe exactly how I felt too when I first learned selections in Photoshop.

Now, after 10+ years in the program, I’ve realized there’s a systematic approach that anyone can follow to make advanced selections:

Easy to understand
Simple to master

In this course, you’ll unlock the exact formula to make you feel confident creating selections, finally understand Photoshop’s overwhelming selection tools, and create a process that guarantees pixel-perfect selections in every project (rather than just hoping for the best).

Starting from the absolute basics, you’ll transform your skills to feel confident with the most advanced types of selections in Photoshop:

Learn To Improve Every Project With Pixel Perfect Selections

Whether you want to believe it or not, selections are one of the most versatile and fundamental aspects of Photoshop.

But if you only rely on automatic selection methods and have limited knowledge of how to improve them, you’re likely to end up with amateur selections that look like this:

Not only does this lower the quality of your projects, but these amateur-looking selections can take away from the artistry of your edits.

By ignoring this HUGE area that could be bringing down the quality of your projects, you’re holding yourself back from creating the quality of work you envision.

The Beginner-Friendly System For Photoshop Selection Mastery




Words Of Supporting Content

One look at Adobe’s latest marketing campaigns and you’ll see promises of effortless selections with a click.

On paper, it sounds easy, but reality is a bitter pill.

Even with additions of the Select Subject Button, selections still feel like anything but effortless.

To truly become a selection pro, you need to take your skills from square one and learn the unique strengths of each tool.

By doing so, you gain the knowledge to create professional-level selections to transform the quality of your projects.

This is exactly what you’ll gain from this course.

Learn The Best Selections Tools To Use For Any Project

Selections Made Simple is your guide to building your selection skills from square one.

Starting with foundational skills and moving to the most advanced selection techniques in Photoshop.

It teaches a methodical building block approach to master selection tools regardless of experience.

That way, you know you’re using the best tool for every project you work on.

Once finished, you’ll have followed a complete A —-> Z path to selection mastery in Photoshop.

Master Selections To Add A New Level Of Professionalism To Your Projects

Avoid Beginner Selection Mistakes That Ruin Your Projects

Say goodbye to selections that look amateur in your final image. Learn the right tools to save time, and never hold yourself back from a creative idea because of a “hard” selection.

Learn The Best Selection Tools To Save Time

Gain a deeper understanding of Photoshop selections by understanding the thought process for using one tool over another. All to help you see the how + why behind every tool.

Learn Advanced Selection Methods For Realistic Image Blending

Feel confident you know how to get the job done and make your projects look pixel-perfect. Using your new knowledge of every key selection technique in Photoshop to add professionalism to your images.


Brendan Williams

I’m a professional photographer and photo retouched turned founder of one of the leading online Photoshop education platforms, bwillcreative.com

My mission is to help you unlock your creative potential in Photoshop through in-depth guides, videos, and written resources I WISH I had earlier in my career.

Around here, my #1 goal is to cut the fluff and create tutorials that actually get you results.

What Students Say About My Courses


I found the section on selection tool foundation and go-to selection tools very helpful. I didn’t know how to “properly” use several of the tools. I like that you mentioned times when a particular method/tool would not work (e.g. channels with the low contrast hair/background).

So far, I’m enjoying the course and even used what you taught me to assist my sister and niece in selecting them out of photos to use for a graduation invitation and awards booklet.


Student – Selections made Simple

Loving what I am learning and being able to do this at my own pace.

Sue Snelling

Student – Selections made Simple

I was wasting time with YouTube until I found you.  The downloadable examples to follow along with have been most valuable for me. Thanks Brendan.
– Ath Souriyavong

Student – 21-Day PS Expert

I’ve been able to fill a lot of gaps in my Photoshop knowledge thanks to Brendan’s patient and thorough demonstrations.
– Doc Hamilton

Student – 21-Day PS Expert

Brendan’s knowledge in conveying his way of working and his method of explaining as much as possible in a smooth manner is what I’ve found most helpful.

I can understand a lot despite knowing little English

Mauricio Nunes

Student – Selections made Simple

Your teaching style is clear, concise, and extremely helpful.
You are an outstanding teacher, teaching a subject that is often not taught well.
– Jeanne Schlesinger

Student – 21-Day PS Expert

Brendan is the best teacher I have found after wasting countless hours searching the web.
He explains the material clearly in an easy to follow method.
– Mark Fagan

Student – 21-Day PS Expert

Brendan’s style of no-nonsense teaching is the best I’ve found
– Pete diaz

Student – 21-Day PS Expert

All the information in this course if very helpful.
– Ian Jenner

Student – Selections made simple

Watch A FREE Preview Of The Course
5 Videos, 1 Written | 35 Minutes | Follow Along Projects
Starting from square one, you’ll learn the fundamentals behind selections and how they operate in Photoshop. Complete with some quick and info-packed lessons to help you understand all the intricacies of selections in Photoshop.
5 Videos |70 Minutes | Follow Along Projects
Begin to master the most fundamental selection tools in Photoshop to strengthen your skills while giving you some quick wins to boost your confidence with selections.
4 Videos | 52 Minutes | Follow Along Projects
Take your selection skills one step further with slightly more advanced and complex selection tools to build from the previous module. In this section, you’ll learn to master tools such as Quick Selection, Object Selection, and Magic Wand.
3 Videos | 31 Minutes | Follow Along Projects
Learn important tips and tricks to make the most accurate selection tool in Photoshop work wonders in your projects. All while discovering the different types of Pen Tools and how they can be utilized to level up your selections.
2 Videos, 1 Written |20 Minutes | Follow Along Projects
Discover one of the most powerful ways to select tiny edges and fine details in your photos using Channels.
4 Videos | 65 Minutes | Follow Along Projects
Decode the mystery behind the select and mask workspace in Photoshop to help refine and improve any selection edge. From touching up jagged edges to updating a selection area completely, there is tons you can do with Select & Mask, as you’ll learn in this module.
6 Videos | 75 Minutes | Follow Along Projects
Uncover some lesser-known selection tools in Photoshop while understanding the different ways you can use them to enhance your projects.
7 Written Lessons | Follow Along Projects
In this module, we talk through a collection of challenging selection projects to put your skills to the test from previous lessons. Here you finally connect the dots between every tool and see how you can use different selection tools side by side.
3 Videos | 13 Minutes |Follow Along Projects
Finally we wrap up the course by learning to export our projects with transparency in the PNG format. The main goal here is for you to walk away with some bonus methods of doing this process to help speed up your workflow in future projects.

Everything You Get By Enrolling:

Photoshop Selections Made Simple – Video Course

($197 Value)

This go-at-your-own-pace pre-recorded video course contains 47 lessons across nine modules (6.1 hours long), helping you unlock a simple system to master selections in Photoshop without feeling overwhelmed.

Bonus #1: The Follow Along Projects Bundle

($67 Value)

For the majority of lessons in this course, this project bundle offers you all the resources you need to ensure you’re applying everything you learn in a way that makes the concepts stick.

These follow-along projects are available beneath every related lesson in the student dashboard.

Bonus #2: Hair Brush Bundle

($27 Value)

Get a bonus hair brush pack to use in the course and for future projects.

Featuring 9 high-quality hair brushes with several lessons explaining how to best use the brushes throughout the course.

Bonus #3: PDF Cheat Sheets

($47 Value)

In more challenging and key lessons of the course, you’ll find resources in this PDF bundle to help jog your memory for certain processes and techniques without having to rewatch sections of the course.

There are 9 total in-depth PDF guides throughout this course containing a combined 10,000+ words.

Bonus #4: Access To The Private Community

($79 Value)

Get access to my private community integrated into your student dashboard.

Here you can get 24/7 help with your burning Photoshop questions. Whether you run into problems during a lesson or get stuck on a project of your own, this community offers you additional help beyond the course contents.

Bonus #5: Lifetime Access + Free Course Updates

($197 Value)

Avoid paying for another monthly subscription with lifetime access to the course contents, including free lifetime updates to the course!

Get Instant Access To:

The Photoshop Selections Made Simple Video Course
Get unlimited lifetime access to the ultimate go-at-your-own-pace online video course to help you master selections in Photoshop, without wasting your time. ($197 Value)
The Follow Along Project Bundle
Get access to every follow-along project in the course so you can learn by DOING alongside every lesson. ($67 Value)
PDF Cheat Sheets Bundle
Get bonus PDF cheat sheets and reference guides to further illustrate complex topics or key steps to remember throughout the course. ($47 Value)
Hair Brushes For Photoshop
Get my hair retouching brushes to help create flawless selections of people or animals from the most complex backgrounds. ($27 Value)
Access To The Private Course Community
Get access to my private community, where you can get 24/7 help with any questions you have throughout the course. Brendan is personally active in this community and ensures every question gets answered. ($79 Value)
Lifetime Access + FREE Course Updates
Work through the course at whatever pace suits you, plus get free course updates as Photoshop changes. ($197 Value)

Total Value: $614

But you won’t even pay half of that…
Get Lifetime Access For:


Try The Course 100% Risk-Free With My 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s hard to tell what’s marketing fluff and what’s real with some courses out there these days. That’s why I doing things differently by extending my refund policy 3x longer than most other course creators.

I do this because I am so confident that this will be one of the most valuable Photoshop courses you’ve ever taken.

If, for any reason, you aren’t 110% happy with this course after 90 days, email me at [email protected], and I’ll personally refund all your money, no questions asked.

Must have viewed less than 50% of the course contents in this 90 Day period to qualify. See FAQ for details.

Who Is This Course For?


Improve your retouching and selective adjustments with more accurate selections.

Digital Artists

Improve the realism of your artwork and open new creative doors with advanced selection techniques.

Graphic Designers

Learn to create print-ready selections of any graphic or image for higher-quality designs.

Who Is This Course For?


Improve your retouching and selective adjustments with more accurate selections.

Digital Artists

Improve the realism of your artwork and open new creative doors with advanced selection techniques.

Graphic Designers

Learn to create print-ready selections of any graphic or image for higher-quality designs.

After Taking This Course…

You’ll feel a newfound sense of confidence when working with selections in Photoshop.

You won’t feel left behind by new Photoshop updates since you’ll have a step-by-step formula to master selections that will prove useful for years to come.

And most importantly, you’ll have the ultimate selection resource to come back to whenever you run into troubles in the future.

Complete with community support to get actual answers to your questions so you can get back to creating.

So, if you’re ready to unlock new doors for your creativity (100% risk-free for 90 days), click the button below to enroll today.



The course is taught in the latest version of Photoshop CC at the time of recording.

The techniques outlined in this course may not apply to all aspects of older versions of Photoshop, such as CS6.

I do not recommend purchasing this course if you use Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Express.

Yes. There is a huge focus on using layer masks throughout this course. Many lessons discuss how to use and refine them to improve your selections.

If you still feel uncertain about working with selections, this course will ensure you walk away feeling 110% confident.

However, you may feel like you have the hang of selections after working through 21DPSE. If so, this course would only be necessary if you want to deepen your selection skills.

21DPSE gives you a holistic approach to learning and using Photoshop from square one. Although it has several lessons on selections, it covers only what’s necessary without going too in-depth in all areas of selections.

For example, it skips less important selection tools, doesn’t mention advanced selection tactics for transparent or semi-transparent objects, and has fewer projects and written resources to solidify your selection skills.

Ultimately, if you feel at all uneasy about working with selections, Selections Made Simple is for you.

Yes, the course has English subtitles in every lesson. The video players also have speed controls if you prefer a slower pace for your videos.

Yup, but there’s a trade-off.

Although there are thousands of videos covering selections on Youtube, it’s the sheer volume of content that makes it difficult to sift through. As you know, Photoshop tutorials online differ DRASTICALLY in quality. Often, the videos are poorly explained and outdated, or nobody answers your question in the comments. The list of challenges goes on.

With a course like Selections Made Simple, there’s nothing to sift through and “hope” you find the answer. Instead, everything is laid out in an approachable, step-by-step format that anyone can follow. With follow-along projects to practice everything you learn, along with a community to get any of your questions answered. It’s a place where you can focus on your skills rather than searching the internet for hit-and-miss tutorials.

For some, they’d prefer to invest their time to find the answers on Youtube, even if it’s a long and frustrating process.

For others, the amount of time saved by taking this course is worth every penny. Plus, with lifetime access, you can look at this course as a resource you can continue to use for years to come.

Yes! Although this course is focused specifically on selections, every lesson is explained in a way that doesn’t assume you already know a technique or tool. Every video builds off the last so by working through the lessons in order, you’ll feel confident with your abilities, even when starting from square one.

Yes! I am proud to offer an industry-leading 90-day guarantee on this course.

If you aren’t happy with this course within 90 days of purchase and you have completed less than 50% of the course, you are eligible for a full refund. If you have watched more than 50% of the course contents, you are only eligible for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Just email [email protected] and I will personally process your return.

The course consists of video modules that you can find in your Student Dashboard, available at courses.bwillcreative.com/login once you have enrolled.

The student dashboard is online and can be accessed from any device at any time.

The course is 47 lessons and 370 minutes long (6.1 Hours). It has 35 follow along projects and 11,000+ words of cheat sheet material to supplement the video lessons.

This course is aimed to help beginner and intermediate Photoshop users master simple to advanced selections. Offering an extremely in-depth and complete view of all the selection options in Photoshop.

If you are already confident using selections in Photoshop, this course won’t be as valuable to you.

This course is not affiliated with or financially supported by Adobe.

DISCLAIMER: Please understand these results are not typical. I am not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All techniques learned in this course require practice once they are understood. This is not a quick-fix shortcut to selection mastery, but rather a guide to build your skills in a progressive and approachable manner. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE THE SELECTIONS MADE SIMPLE COURSE.

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