If you’re trying to edit multiple photos at once in Photoshop, one of the main workflow hacks you can take advantage of is copy and paste. Copying adjustments from one image to another will help you save time and reduce the number of steps you need to take while editing multiple images. The easiest way to do this is by knowing how to copy & paste Camera Raw adjustments In Photoshop.

To copy and paste adjustments in Camera Raw, first, make adjustments to a photo inside of Camera Raw. Once edited, right-click on the image and choose “Copy Edit Settings.” Now select your next image, right-click and choose “Paste Edit Settings” to paste your copied settings.

Convenience is one of Camera Raw’s greatest strengths. The interface is user-friendly, and you’ll find it is much faster to make basic edits in Camera Raw than to make the same edits using Photoshop’s tools. 

The edits can also be non-destructive, which means they won’t alter the original image data so you can go back and remove or change any edits you make. This gives you the freedom to play around with more complex adjustments once you’ve applied basic edits to multiple photos.

Let’s take a look at a few easy ways to copy and paste Camera Raw settings onto different images.

How To Copy And Paste Settings In Camera Raw

Camera Raw has settings you can use to make basic edits to your images. If you open multiple images at once, you’ll find you can easily copy and paste the adjustments from one image to another, this means you won’t have to edit each image individually. 

This is especially useful when working with multiple images shot around the same time, as these images will have few major differences in white balance and exposure.

To copy the adjustments, first, open the raw images you’d like to edit in Photoshop. When you click Open in your file window, the Camera Raw window will open automatically.

If the photo you’d like to use isn’t a raw file, Camera Raw won’t open on its own. In this case, you’ll have to head to Filter > Camera Raw Filter for the program to access the same adjustments, however, now editing the image as a compressed file (not raw).

Once you apply the camera raw filter to the selected layer, the Camera Raw window will open.

Edit one image the same way you’d like to copy and paste to other images. When you’re satisfied, make sure the photo is selected – with multiple photos open, the thumbnail of the selected photo will have a white border around it.

Now, right-click or Command + click the selected image thumbnail and select Copy Edit Settings. You can also use Control + C (Win) or Command + C (Mac) to copy the settings.

Next, right-click or Command + click another image thumbnail and select Paste Edit Settings. You can also use Control + V (Win) or Command + V (Mac) to paste the settings.

You’ll notice the image and its thumbnail change to match the settings of the first image.

To select multiple images at once, you can hold Control (Win) or Command (Mac) as you click the images you’d like to paste the settings to, before using Control + V (Win) or Command + V (Mac).

If you’re only working with one image in Camera Raw, you can still copy the settings using any of the methods above. You’ll just have to open the image that you’d like to paste them to by heading to File > Open.

Select and open the image you’d like, and again head to Filter > Camera Raw Filter, and when the Camera Raw window opens, you can right-click or Command + click the image and select Paste Edit Settings.

You can also use Control + V (Win) or Command + V (Mac) to paste the settings onto the image. Once the edits are pasted, click OK to open the image.

How To Copy And Paste The Camera Raw Filter Between Layers

There is an easy way to copy and paste Camera Raw settings between different layers too. This is another great method to use if you’re working with multiple layers in the same project that you’d like to apply a Camera Raw adjustment to.

To copy and paste the filter, you’ll need to first convert all layers you plan to work with into Smart Objects as this will allow you to work non-destructively and to re-edit the filter at a later stage.

First, convert the active layer to a Smart Object by heading to Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object.

Now, repeat this process for each of the layers you’d like to copy or paste onto. Then in the Layers panel, select the layer you’d like to apply the Camera Raw filter to, and head to Filter > Camera Raw Filter.

This will bring up the Camera Raw window. Here, you can make any edits to the layer that you’d like using the available adjustments. When you’re satisfied with the edits, click OK.

Now, head to the Layers panel and you’ll notice both the Smart Filters and Camera Raw Filter are visible underneath the active layer.

Hold in Alt (Win) or Option (Mac) and click the Camera Raw Filter, then drag it to the layer you’d like to paste it onto. This will copy and paste the filter onto the layer. You’ll see both layers now have the same filters underneath.

Camera Raw is a great tool to quickly edit photos in Photoshop – even multiple photos at once. Understanding how to copy and paste Camera Raw settings from one image or layer to another makes editing multiple images much easier. I explain more about the important uses of Camera Raw in this next tutorial!

Happy Editing!