The 60+ Best Cursive Fonts In Canva

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Whether you’re creating a printable, an online invitation, or just need the perfect cursive font for your other Canva designs, it’s hard to know where to begin. Luckily this guide takes out the guesswork and gives you a taste of the best cursive fonts in Canva for both free and paid users.

The Best Cursive Fonts In Canva

When it comes to fonts that replicate cursive writing, Canva has hundreds of fonts to choose from. Most of these fonts are free to use, while some are only available for Canva Pro users. So throughout this list, I noted which fonts are only available for pro subscribers to make it easy to tell.

1. Lavonia Classy

The look of this font is mentioned right in the name. Lavonia Classy is a classy-looking font that works for any online project that requires fancy but still readable text. It has an elegant feel and is a great choice when you want to quickly grab a font without thinking too hard.

2. Jimmy Script

If you need a font that looks and feels like it’s written by hand, Jimmy Script might be the font for you. This typeface has a smooth, sophisticated feel to it that works well with any project that requires a few words in cursive, such as an invitation. Jimmy Script is a great baseline font to choose if you need realistic cursive.

3. Callem

Callem is a cursive font that exudes elegance and sophistication as it slightly squeezes the text it’s applied to. This font’s fluid strokes and graceful curves make it a perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of class to a formal invitation or even a personal blog.

4. Malibu Ring

Malibu Ring is an exquisite cursive font perfect for wedding invitations and stationery. Its elegant letterforms feel romantic while maintaining a good amount of readability. The classic swashes on capitalized letters add a personal touch, making Malibu Ring an ideal choice to celebrate someone’s special day with style and grace.

5. Just Write

Just Write is a whimsical cursive font that instantly captures attention. This font is delightful and playful and evokes a sense of charm. It’s a versatile typeface that may not work in a professional project but works well for a lighthearted venture, such as a social media post.

6. Alex Brush

Alex Brush is a captivating cursive font with a bit of a bolder touch. Its flowing letterforms convey elegance and playfulness, making it perfect for various branding projects. The font has excellent readability, and a distinctive character set, making Alex Brush stand out as a versatile and charming choice.

7. Signature

Signature is an exceptional cursive font, perfect for simulating authentic signatures. It has a fluid feeling to it with a personal touch. The font’s readability is excellent, making it ideal for designs that require a realistic signature, for example, a name at the bottom of a contract.

8. Mistrully

Mistrully is an intriguing cursive font that artfully balances a handwritten feel and a professional aesthetic. This font has a distinctive and unique charm that makes it perfect for almost any fancy design, from invitations to packaging projects—an excellent choice if you’re looking for a cursive font with a bit of flair.

9. Bundt Cake Bold

Bundt Cake Bold is a delightful cursive font that seamlessly blends classic elegance with whimsical charm. This font lacks the professionalism needed for a more fancy design, such as a wedding project, but it’s perfect for something unique, such as a hand-made card.

This font is only available for Canva Pro users.

10. Citadel Script

Citadel Script is an elegant and sophisticated cursive font that lends a professional touch to any design. This typeface is great for fancy designs that require above-average legibility and elegance. Each letter perfectly connects to the next, giving a classic cursive feel.

This font is only available for Canva Pro users

11. Frost

Frost is a crisp, modern cursive font with clean lines and an effortless flow. Its minimalist design is still highly legible, despite its squeezed appearance. Ideal for headers, logos, and quotes, Frost adds a sleek, contemporary vibe to any project without sacrificing readability.

This font is also Canva Pro only.

12. Amsterdam Four

Amsterdam Four is an impressive cursive font with an organic, handcrafted feel. Its most notable feature is the sweeping letterforms for each capital letter, which can quickly grab readers’ attention. If you’re going to use this font, make sure to use as many capital letters as possible. This font brings personality to any project without compromising professionalism.

13. Festive Five

Festive Five is a lively, spirited cursive font that adds a touch of celebration to a design. Its playful letterforms and dynamic strokes capture the essence of joy, making it the perfect choice for party invitations and festive announcements. This is not a good font for a professional design, but it’s ideal for something festive.

Festive Five is only available for Canva Pro users.

14. Pinyon Script

Pinyon Script is a versatile and timeless cursive font that is an excellent default choice. Its well-balanced and moderate flourishes strike the perfect middle ground, making it suitable for any fancy-looking design. From branding to stationery, Pinyon Script adds a touch of elegance and consistency to your project.

15. Snell Roundhand

Snell Roundhand is a classic cursive font that offers straightforward elegance. Its clean lines and well-proportioned letters provide easy readability, while its subtle curves add a touch of sophistication. Ideal for both formal and casual contexts, Snell Roundhand is a reliable choice for any design seeking simplicity and grace.

This font is only available to Canva Pro users.

16. Dr Sugiyama

Dr. Sugiyama is a striking and bold cursive font that commands attention. It has a unique thickness to it that exudes confidence and makes a powerful statement. Perfect for headlines, logos, and promotional materials, Dr. Sugiyama adds an unapologetic flair to your project, ensuring it stands out from the crowd.

Dr. Sugiyama is only available for Canva Pro users.

17. Joshico

Joshico is a delightful cursive font with a slightly bouncy, rhythmic flow. The lively letters and subtle variations create an energetic yet sophisticated atmosphere. Ideal for invitations, branding, and packaging, Joshico adds a touch of spirited charm to any design, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

18. Themysion

Themysion is a gracefully intricate cursive font that is an exquisite option for decorative accents and artistic projects seeking a refined touch. This font tends to squeeze the words it’s applied to, so you’ll have to take that into consideration. This typeface has a distinctive handwritten feel, making it seem almost like a fancy scribble.

19. Clicker Script

Clicker Script is a captivating cursive font characterized by its enchanting loops and flow. These distinct, generous loops add a touch of whimsy and charm to any design while maintaining legibility. Due to its playful nature, this font is best used for creative branding projects.

20. Jonathan

Jonathan is a playful cursive font that captures the essence of a casual scribble. Its loose, free-flowing letterforms evoke a sense of spontaneity and informality, making it a perfect choice for projects seeking a relaxed and approachable vibe. Embrace the lighthearted spirit of the Jonathan font to add energy and character to your project.

21. Shadow Script

This is not the most elegant font, but if you’re looking for something more playful, Shadow Script might be for you. The slightly uneven strokes and endearing imperfections are perfect for projects seeking an innocent and playful touch to inspire a sense of wonder and youthful exuberance.

22. Virtual

Virtual is a rich and inviting cursive font with a classic feel that would be perfect for physical items like coffee packaging. Its smooth, flowing letters and refined strokes make it perfect for conveying a sense of comfort. Ideal for branding, labels, and logos, Virtual adds a delectable touch to most designs.

23. Pacifico

Pacifico is a breezy cursive font that will remind your audience of sun-soaked beaches and coastal vibes. Its fluid, curvy letters, and laid-back style are perfect for capturing the essence of seaside leisure. Ideal for logos, posters, and apparel, Pacifico infuses your designs with an air of relaxation and carefree charm.

24. Playlist Script

Playlist Script is a versatile cursive font that strikes a unique balance between hand-written authenticity and polished refinement. This font mimics the human touch, while its clean lines maintain a level of sophistication. Ideal for any project that requires professionalism and a slightly playful nature.

25. Satisfy

Satisfy is a bold and classic cursive font that feels confident and elegant. The thick strokes and well-defined curves make a striking statement while maintaining the grace of traditional cursive. Perfect for headlines, and branding, Satisfy is a great font to grab when you don’t want to spend a half hour browsing for the perfect look.

26. Bright Sight Script

Bright Sight Script is an unconventional cursive font that demands attention. Its bold, exaggerated strokes and daring curves break from tradition and infuse your designs with a fresh and modern flair. Great for more casual projects, Bright Sight Script injects personality and creative edge into any project.

This font is only for Canva Pro users.

27. Euro Script

Euro Script is a distinctive cursive font that adds an artistic and intriguing touch to your projects. Its unconventional letters and brush strokes can make it challenging to read at times, but this also lends an air of mystery and exclusivity. Best suited for logos and headlines, Euro Script is a daring choice for those seeking a unique aesthetic.

28. ITC Edwardian Script

ITC Edwardian Script is an exquisite cursive font that exudes luxury and sophistication. Its intricate, ornate letterforms and elegant flourishes evoke the grandeur of a bygone era. Perfect for invitations, logos, and high-end branding, ITC Edwardian Script adds a touch of refinement to any professional design.

29. Moontime

Moontime is a captivating cursive font with a fancy, handwritten feel. This font feels elegant and delicate, promoting a sense of charm and warmth. The font’s organic, hand-drawn appearance brings a personal touch to invitations, logos, and branding. With Moontime, you can effortlessly infuse your designs with an air of sophistication and romance.

30. Miama

Miama is a cursive font that masterfully blends fluidity with sharpness. There’s a graceful flow with the top half of the font contrasted by crisp, pointed edges toward the bottom of the font. Perfect for logos, invitations, or any design seeking a soft and sharp dynamic flair.

Miama is only available for Canva Pro users.

31. Badhorse Script

Badhorse Script is a seamless cursive font that boasts flawlessly connected letterforms. Its meticulous design ensures smooth transitions between characters, creating a visually cohesive and polished appearance. Ideal for logos, invitations, or any project demanding a harmonious touch, Badhorse Script is a great default choice for many different projects.

32. Golden

Golden is a quirky cursive font that captures the charm of an amateur’s scribbles. Its playful, unrefined strokes give your designs an authentic hand-drawn feel reminiscent of personal notes and doodles. Perfect for informal projects or adding a touch of whimsy, Golden brings a delightful, homespun quality to your creations.

Only available for Canva Pro users.

33. Yellowtail

Yellowtail is a distinctive cursive font that combines a slightly squeezed form with a touch of boldness. Its unique letters create an eye-catching visual impact, making it perfect for headers and standout text. Ideal for logos, posters, or any design seeking a memorable touch.

34. Maldina Script  

Maldina Script is an exquisite cursive font that emphasizes artistry above all else. Its intricate, ornate strokes create a mesmerizing visual display, transforming text into a work of art. This font, unfortunately, sacrifices readability for its artistic flair, but as long as that doesn’t bother you, Maldina Script is perfect for designs seeking a fancy unique touch.

Maldina Script is only for Canva Pro users.

35. Parisienne

Parisienne is a timeless cursive font that showcases elegance and sophistication. Its flowing letterforms are reminiscent of the romantic streets of Paris, while the delicate curves evoke a sense of refinement. Perfect for wedding invitations, upscale branding, or any project seeking a touch of class.

36. Allura

Allura is an enchanting cursive font that effortlessly captures attention with its alluring charm. Its delicate curves create an air of sophistication, making it perfect for elegant projects and designs. Allura captivates audiences with its irresistible allure, whether used for branding, invitations, or quotes.

37. Great Vibes

Great Vibes is a lively cursive font that radiates positivity with its energetic strokes. Its dynamic design brings a sense of joy and movement to any project, making it perfect for uplifting messages and spirited branding. Embrace the feel-good atmosphere of Great Vibes and elevate your designs with its contagious optimism.

38. Mr Dafoe

Mr. Dafoe is a commanding cursive font that promotes confidence with its thick, bold strokes. Its robust letterforms make a striking visual impact, ensuring your message stands out in any design. Perfect for headlines, posters, or projects requiring a solid presence, Mr. Dafoe delivers style and substance with undeniable flair.

39. Buffalo

Buffalo is a classic cursive font that offers a familiar and comfortable feel reminiscent of a default handwriting style. This font will create a balanced feel for your project that’s easy to read and perfect for any project seeking a traditional touch.

Buffalo is a font only for Canva Pro users.

40. Engagement

Engagement is a bold cursive font that breathes romance and elegance into formal projects, such as wedding designs. Its fluid, intricate strokes evoke a timeless charm perfect for invitations, signage, and heartfelt messages. Engagement is an essential choice for creating memorable, sophisticated wedding stationery.

41. Sacramento

Sacramento is a captivating cursive font boasting fantastic looping capital letters that command attention. Its playful yet refined style adds a touch of whimsy to any design. This versatile font is perfect for headlines, logos, and elegant invitations, making Sacramento a must-have in your typography arsenal.

42. Anastasia Script

Anastasia Script is the perfect example of a luxurious cursive font. The font’s exceptional readability sets it apart from other elegant fonts, making it ideal for high-end designs. Each capital letter is designed with graceful looping tails that give the font a unique, eye-catching look. Anastasia Script is always a good choice if you’re working on a high-end fancy project.  

43. Harmonie

Harmonie is a refreshing take on a cursive font, offering simplicity and elegance in equal measure. Its clean strokes ensure excellent readability, while the font’s unique characteristics radiate charm and warmth. Harmonie’s aesthetic feels unpretentious, making it an excellent choice for informal and some formal designs.

44. Stars & Love

Stars & Love is a visually striking cursive font that uniquely blends charm and legibility. Its captivating design captures attention and evokes emotion while conveying messages clearly. The distinctive style of this font makes it suitable for any design that requires an eye-catching font.

45. The Mumbai Sticker

The Mumbai Sticker is a true standout in the world of fonts. The top half of the font showcases a more traditional, flowing feel, while the bottom half of the font comes down to a sharp point for many of the letters. The Mumbai Sticker is a distinct font that excels for branding, invitations, and signage, adding a touch of personality to any project.

46. Pushkin High

Pushkin High is a visually stunning cursive font showcasing beauty and elegance in every stroke. Its intricate design captivates the eye, turning each letter into an artistic flourish. However, this masterpiece comes at a cost—legibility. Pushkin High can be an impressive choice with its breathtaking aesthetic as long as you don’t mind your message being hard to read.

47. Liana

Liana is an attractive cursive font, offering a stylish and modern aesthetic. Its appealing design adds a touch of sophistication to any project. However, the font’s legibility is somewhat compromised, making it challenging to read in specific contexts. Despite this drawback, Liana remains a fashionable choice for those prioritizing visual appeal.

48. Magenta

Magenta is a captivating cursive font, showcasing a unique blend of uneven letterforms that exude charm. While some may find the inconsistency challenging, others will appreciate Magenta’s unique appearance—a pleasant choice for those embracing artistic imperfections.

Magenta is only available for Canva Pro users.

49. Ralyne

Ralyne is a cursive font characterized by its razor-sharp letters that command attention. The bold, angular strokes lend a contemporary edge to any design, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a modern twist on classic cursive. Ralyne’s crisp, clean lines offer both style and impact for blog headers, packaging, and greeting cards.

50. Nautilius Pompilius

Nautilius Pompilius is a harmonious cursive font that exudes a sense of order and balance. Its well-structured flow provides a refined elegance, making it an ideal choice for projects requiring a polished appearance. The font’s seamless symmetry demonstrates both sophistication and precision, creating an inviting and composed aesthetic.

51. The Artist Script

The Artist Script is a captivating cursive font that evokes the glamour and allure of classic Hollywood. Its elegant, flowing letterforms instantly transport the viewer to a bygone era, infusing any project with a timeless feel. Perfect for conveying drama and romance, The Artist Script adds a touch of cinematic magic to your designs.

52. Warm Script  

Warm Script is a delightful cursive font that exudes a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Its soft, flowing letters create a sense of comfort and familiarity, making it perfect for projects seeking to evoke warmth and affection. Ideal for personal notes or heartfelt messages, Warm Script effortlessly brings a touch of tenderness to your projects.

Warm Script is only available for Canva Pro users.

53. Zoxi

Zoxi is an intriguing cursive font, boasting a visually stunning yet somewhat challenging-to-read design with intricate letterforms that demand a closer look. Though not ideal for conveying clear messages, Zoxi’s aesthetic appeal makes it a fascinating choice for those seeking to make a bold, artistic statement.

54. Sloop Script Pro

Sloop Script Pro is an elegant cursive font notable for its distinct, flowing capital letters that make a memorable impression. The graceful curves and refined strokes lend sophistication to any project, while the harmonious flow between characters ensures pretty good readability. Ideal for headlines and branding, Sloop Script Pro showcases timeless finesse.

55. Oblique Rain

Oblique Rain is a whimsical cursive font that captures the charm of a child’s playful scribbling. Its endearing, irregular letterforms evoke a sense of nostalgia and innocence, making it perfect for projects seeking a lighthearted, informal touch. With its delightful imperfections, Oblique Rain can bring a smile to your designs and evoke warm memories.

This font is only for Canva Pro users.

56. Charmonman

Charmonman is a unique cursive font featuring distinct sloping curves on select letters, giving it an unmistakable flair. These elegant letterforms exhibit an air of sophistication while maintaining a playful essence. Ideal for logos, invitations, or headlines, Charmonman is designed to add charm to your project of choice.

57. Kingsman

Kingsman is a majestic cursive font that transports viewers to the medieval era with its regal letterforms and intricate detailing. Its elegant strokes, similar to quill pen calligraphy, provide a sense of nobility and grandeur, perfect for projects seeking an air of historical significance. Kingsman effortlessly infuses your designs with a touch of chivalry.

Kingsman is only available for Canva Pro users.

58. Rumble Brave Script

Rumble Brave Script is a captivating font that melds classic design with eye-catching features. This font is ideal for logos, packaging, and any project that requires a bold feel. Rumble Brave’s standout flourishes and swashes make it a perfect choice for designers seeking to add a touch of timeless elegance to their designs.

Rumble Brave Script is only available for Canva Pro members.

59. Disruptors Script

Disruptors Script is a captivating cursive font with a distinct paintbrush-drawn aesthetic and a streaky, textured feel. It’s an expressive font that showcases an artistic vibe, adding a sense of movement and energy to your text. Perfect for creative projects, Disruptors Script effortlessly infuses your work with a bold, contemporary edge.

This font is only available for Canva Pro users.

60. Herr Von Muellerhoff

Herr Von Muellerhoff is an extravagantly ornate cursive font that trades legibility for elegance. Its intricate swirls and flourishes make this font the epitome of fancy typefaces. While not ideal for text-heavy designs, Herr Von Muellerhoff shines in projects requiring an unapologetically lavish touch, such as a wedding project or any other life-changing event.

61. Majesty

Majesty is a sophisticated cursive font that masterfully emulates an exquisite signature. The fluid strokes and elegant feel can bring a sense of refinement to your design. Some phrases may be difficult to read, but the look of the font should be worth it, depending on the project.  Perfect for branding, logos, and invitations, Majesty adds a personal touch while maintaining a regal air, leaving a lasting impression of luxury and grace.

Majesty is only available for Canva Pro users.

If none of these fonts work for you and you want even more options, you can add fonts to Canva that you have sourced and downloaded from other sites too!

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