Canva Tutorials:

How To Rotate A Page In Canva (Landscape To Portrait)

Learn the step by step process to rotate a page in Canva from landscape to portrait or vice versa, along with a workaround for free users.

How To Use Margins & Guides In Canva (Explained)

Learn how to use margins and guides in Canva to align elements in your design or ensure they don't get trimmed during the printing process.

How To Round Corners In Canva (Images & Shapes)

Here's how to add rounded corners to images or shapes in Canva to make any design look a little more interesting and unique.

How To Add A Text Box In Canva (+ Customization Tips!)

Here's how to add a text box in Canva desktop or mobile, along with every customization tip you need to know to make your text stand out.

How To Use Frames In Canva (Ultimate Guide)

Here's how to use frames in Canva to creatively add image elements to your designs in just a couple of clicks.

How To Download Video In Canva (Step By Step)

Learn how to download high quality video in Canva, which file types to choose, important export settings, and how to remove video watermarks.

How To Import Canva Designs Into Google Slides (Step By Step)

Learn two easy ways to import Canva designs as Google Slides along with an alternative option to display your presentation within Canva!

How To Make An Email Signature In Canva (Step By Step)

Discover how to create a professional looking email signature in Canva along with tips to upload your signature to common email providers.

How To Make A Mood Board In Canva (Step By Step)

Learn the easy step by step process to create a mood board in Canva along with helpful tips to make your mood board as aesthetic as possible.

How To Make A Slideshow In Canva (Ultimate Guide)

Here's how to make a slideshow in Canva, including all the tips you need to make your slideshow as memorable as possible!

How To Create A Favicon In Canva (Step By Step)

Learn the step by step process to make a favicon in Canva, upload it to your website, along with things to consider for the perfect favicon.

How To Make & Edit PDF Files In Canva (Complete Guide)

Learn how to create a new PDF file in Canva along with ways to edit and export your PDF in just a few clicks.

How To Make A Grid In Canva (Photo Grids, Tables, & More!)

Learn how to create any type of grid in Canva including photo grids, tables, calendars and any other table or grid design you can think of!

How To Add Photos To Canva (Complete Guide)

Here's how to add photos to your Canva Designs from your computer, as well as how to manipulate the shapes of your images using templates!

How To Add A Drop Shadow In Canva (To Anything!)

Learn the step by step process to add a drop shadow in Canva to images, text, shapes, and even PNG graphics in your designs.

How To Create A Template In Canva (+ Share & Sell Them!)

Here's how to quickly create and customized a template in Canva along with tips to help you create and sell your Canva templates too.