How To Navigate Documents In Photoshop

To help you make the most accurate adjustments in your Photoshop projects, learning to navigate your document is an important skill. With a few keyboard shortcuts, you can learn how to quickly zoom in and out of documents or even fit your images to the screen for a final look-over. Then, once you’re ready to see your projects in all their glory, you can switch to full-screen mode in Photoshop, too.

How To Move Documents In Photoshop

When you’re working between different project tabs, you may want to compare the two images you are working on. With these methods of placing images side by side in Photoshop, it’s easy to compare your edits.

However, if you want to take your images from one project and place them in a different one, you can also move images between your Photoshop projects instead.

With that in mind, working with Artboards can be a little bit different since you can have multiple documents open within the same window. In that case, you’ll want to refer to my guide on how to move artboards, along with how to add new pages in Photoshop.

Tutorials To Help Navigate & Move Documents In Photoshop:

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