Gifts For Photographers- The Most Affordable and Useful Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for photographers can be tricky. Photography gear can be expensive so how can you find the perfect gift within your budget? Fear no more! I compiled this list of 32 great gifts for photographers you’ll actually be able to afford. No need to spend a whole paycheque for some ultra light, soft grip waterproof heated lens cap. Ok those don’t actually exist, but one can dream. Let’s jump into these 32 amazing gifts for photographers under $50.

Neewer Professional Camera Bag

NeewerProBagTemplate3Let’s start out easy here. This affordable camera bag by Neewer is the perfect way for photographers to safely carry around all their gear, and look like a pro doing it. This camera bag opens from the back offering increased space for gear storage. If there’s a lot of gear to be carried, this camera bag has you covered and would be a highly appreciated gift.

AmazonBasics Camera Gadget Bag


Maybe you don’t want to get a whole camera backpack, that can be a lot to carry around. Take it back a step with the AmazonBasics Gadget Bag. Safely secure gear, in a more manageable size. This bag is perfect for a single camera and a couple of lenses. Not to mention loads of additional pockets for smaller accessories; like memory cards and lens cleaners. A great gift for photographers with less gear but still want to keep their gear safe.

Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag


Maybe you aren’t sold on a full out backpack, but want something more casual than the gadget bag above. With this Kattee Camera Bag you’ll be looking like a stylish photo master while walking through the streets. A much more casual look to storing camera gear, and a perfect gift idea for photographers who need a little more style in their lives.

Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit


GorillaPods are the ultimate compact travel tripod that can literally go anywhere. This mini tripod in perfect for those who’s photos can’t be limited to just flat surfaces. GorillaPods can securely position cameras (2.2lbs limit) in tree branches, door ways, roof racks, you name it, it will go there. A gift perfectly suited for photographers who’s creative eye knows no bounds.

FrotoPro Flexible Camera Tripod


Want even more flexibility to your tripod? Try the FrotoPro Flexible Camera Tripod! This tripod offers even more ways to bend compared to the Joby GorillaPod and can work well as a monopod. This tripod can hold up to 2.6lbs so it is best suited for smaller cameras and smart phones. Another great gift for photographers looking to shoot with no limitations!

Manfrotto PIXI Pod MiniManfrottoPixiTripodNot all photographers need giant tripods for the perfect picture. With the Manfrotto PIXI Pod Mini you can set up that perfect shot, with a pocket sized tripod. This is great for those wanting a compact tripod option for hands free photos. This tripod will even work great for smart phones with the proper adapter(listed below)

Ailun Tripod Phone Adapter


Not all photographers need a big fancy camera, Smart Phone photographers are a real thing these days! #iPhonePhotography anyone? With this Tripod Phone Adapter you can start taking more stunning smart phone photos, totally hands free. No more finding that perfect rock to precariously balance your phone against. A great gift idea for any smart phone photographers in your life. This gift idea pairs perfectly with the Manfrotto Pixi Pod Mini!

Aomais Pro Camera Wide Angle Lens Kit


Here’s one for all my smart phone photographers. This wide angle lens kit can be used by any smart phone simply by clipping it over the camera lens. It distorts the perspective of your phones lens for a much wider field of view. Not to mention it creates a cool effect! A great photography gift idea for that smart phone photographer in your life.

Aokio 10-in-1 Phone Lens Kit


Just a wide angle isn’t enough? Try out this 10-in-1 lens kit! This lens kit offers a wide angle, telephoto and macro lens adapter for your smartphone. This lens kit is compatible with any smartphone and clips directly onto your cameras lens. Go the extra mile and give the gift of endless photographic smartphone potential!

Neewer Remote Trigger


These little gadgets make long exposure photography a whole lot easier. Remote triggers give photographers the ability to set fully customizable shutter speeds up to a 99 day shutter speed! You may never need to spend almost 100 days to capture one photo, but hey, remote triggers let you do it. Beyond allowing for longer exposures, remote triggers ensure there is absolutely 0 camera shake when hitting that shutter button. Give the gift of tack sharp long exposures with a remote trigger. Ensure you get the trigger specific to your cameras brand!

Vello Remote Trigger


This trigger doesn’t have all the fancy features like the one above but still offers a way for photographers to trigger the shutter with zero camera shake. This is a much better option for those looking for something more simple and not worry about batteries. Ensure you get the trigger specific to your cameras brand!

Viltrox LED Light Panel


Nothing’s worse than being just a little low on light while taking photos. The Viltrox LED Light Panel mounts directly onto your camera body to light up your scene in an instant. These mini light panels can add a cool light effect to your photos. Give your photographer the gift of light with the Viltrox LED Light Panel.

Neewer LED Light Panel


Another great option for those looking for a mini LED panel. This light panel also can mount directly onto the camera body and offers a strong light output to help illuminate those darker scenes. Another great gift for photographers who need a little extra light in their life. 

Camera Lens Mug


If you have all the bits of gear and gadgets accounted for in your tool kit, then try something totally unique. Start your day off right with a hot cup of Joe in a camera lens mug. This awesome mug will turn heads and prove to everyone how much of a boss photographer you really are. A unique and funny gift for photographers.

AmazonBasics UV Filter


Clear UV Filters are an essential for all photographers. These clear filters primarily work to protect the front element of your lens from dust and scratches. Ensure you know the right thread size for the lens before you purchase one of these! The lens thread size should be listed on front element of your lens.

Tiffen UV Lens Fitler


Another great and affordable UV Filter, this time with a name brand. Although slightly more expensive than the one above, you can rest easy with such a reputable filter brand such as Tiffen. This filter will work perfectly to protect lenses from dust and scratches. Remember to purchase the right thread size for the specific lens! The lens thread size should be listed on front element of your lens.

K&F Concept 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter


Neutral density filters are the key to great long exposure photography. The K&F Concept 10 stop ND filter will drastically darken your images allowing for slower shutter speeds. Slower shutter speeds will make water look smooth and even streak clouds as they move across the sky. A great gift for photographers looking to take their images to the next level. Try pairing this with a remote trigger for a real ultimate photography gift duo. Remember to purchase the correct thread size for your lens!

Gobe 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter


The Gobe 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter is another highly affordable, great quality filter. This filter will significantly darken your images allowing for slower shutter speeds. This filter works great to smooth water and streak clouds even in the mid day sun. A great photography gift idea for those wanting to take their images to the next level. Remember to purchase the correct thread size for your lens!

Pixel Puffer


Dust and dirt are bound to find your lens. Trying to rub off this debris with a standard microfibre cloth can lead to accidental scratching. Before wiping your lens it’s important to first use a puffer. The Pixel Puffer allows photographers to blast away all unwanted dirt and debris before using a cloth. A key piece to any photographers tool kit and a great photography gift idea to extend the life of your lenses.

CamKix Professional Camera Cleaning Kit


This camera cleaning kit is the all in one answer to any of your lens cleaning needs. This cleaning kit comes with a puffer, lens pen, duster, cleaning solution and a variety of cloths to wipe away any smudges. This camera cleaning kit offers everything a photographer could ever need to clean their glass. Give the gift of clean lenses with the Camkix Professional Cleaning Kit.

Lens Pen


A lens pen is a compact solution to lens cleaning in a flash. This multi-tip pen has a brush on one side, and a soft smudge removal tip on the other. A lens pen in my go to lens cleaning solution while in the field. It cleans fast and effortlessly to remove smudges, finger prints, dust, dirt and more. No liquid solution necessary! The lens pen is an affordable gift idea any photographer will appreciate.

Altura Professional Sensor Cleaning Kit


Not only lenses need a little bit of cleaning love. Your cameras sensor can get dusty while changing lenses and leave small dust spots in your photos. The Altura Sensor Cleaning Kit offers all the tools to delicately clean your cameras sensor, removing any unwanted dust spots. This kit comes complete with a puffer, lens pen, and cleaning brush for basic lens cleaning as well! A gift for photographers wanting to keep their sensors spotless.

Puluz Camera Clip


This camera clip is perfect for travellers and photographers in the go. This camera clips allows you to securely holster your camera to your backpack, belt, or whatever strap you see fit. I love using camera clips for quick access to my camera so I never miss a shot. It’s one of my favourite photography tools and a great gift idea for any photographer in your life.

Wolven Soft Scarf Camera Strap


Let’s face it, most camera straps aren’t very comfortable. Give the gift of alleviated neck pain with a Scarf Camera Strap! These camera straps are made of soft fabric making for a much more comfortable experience. Wolven offers over a dozen different designs and colours so you can find the perfect one for that photographer in your life.

Tarion Vintage Camera Strap


Like the basic camera strap look, without the flashy logos and emblems stock straps have? Look no further than the Tarion Vintage Camera Strap. This strap will make you look fresh and professional with a modern design and colour. An amazing gift for photographers wanting to look a little more stylish in the field.

Homesuit 2 Pack Canon Batteries


Ever heard of the expression, “one is none”? Well it’s talking about camera batteries. Don’t be the person who runs out of battery right before capturing the perfect shot. Get a few extras! With this 2 pack of Canon batteries you can keep your camera going longer than ever before. A very important photography gift idea for any photographer!

Sandisk 128GB Extreme Pro Memory Card


It’s impossible to take a photo without a memory card. The memory card is one of the most important, and ofter overlooked, part of a photographers kit. The Sandisk 128GB Extreme Pro Card is perfect for fast card speeds and more storage than you could ever need. This memory card is a great gift idea to any photographers media needs. Want to learn more about what makes a memory card great? Click here!

Micro SD 2 Pack With Adapters


It’s not uncommon for certain cameras to require micro SD cards. Whether it’s your point and shoot, action camera or phone, you’ll likely need a micro SD. The thing that’s annoying about micro SD cards is they can’t be read by your computer without an adapter. This Micro SD Card pack comes with adapters so you can use the SD cards in your computer or standard DSLR camera. A great option for those who have multiple cameras requiring both micro SD and regular SD cards.

Kupton Waterproof Memory Card Case


If you’re a photographer, you likely have a smaller hoarding stash of memory cards. These little cards are easy to lose in just about every crevice imaginable; so it’s important to keep them organized. There’s no better way to organize than with a waterproof memory card case. This case keeps all your cards safe and secure no matter water happens. This particular case can safely store both regular and micro SD cards. A must have in any photographers tool kit.

Honksey Canvas Memory Card Case


Want another solution to SD card organization without the bulk? Look no further than this canvas memory card case! This case is less bulky than the waterproof case above but still will keep your cards secured in one place. A better option for those who aren’t braving the elements while they are out taking photos.

Gerber Multi Tool


A multi tool is likely one of the last things photographers think about in their kit. However, a multi tool is incredibly useful for tightening screws, quick release plates or making small fixes out in the field. The Gerber multi tool has everything you will need for quick fixes during a shoot and will ensure everything runs smoothly. A thoughtful gift for photographers constantly shooting!

Altura Camera Rain Cover


Don’t let your gear get caught in the rain. With the Altura Rain Cover you can happily shoot no matter the weather. This rain cover has two arm holes for you to easily access your cameras settings. A great gift idea for photographers who love to shoot even in moody weather.

Mini Photo Studio For Product Photography


If you need to take product photos then this is the easiest way to do it. This mini studio kit comes with everything you will need to take professional product photos. Complete with LED lights and a variety of background colours, this product photography mini studio is the easiest way to take great product photos.

So that was 32 great gifts for photographers under $50. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion, these gifts are sure to be the perfect addition to anyones kit. Use this gift guide to get the perfect gift, without breaking the bank. 

Happy shooting!


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