The 75+ Best Fonts In Canva

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Choosing the best font in Canva is arguably harder than creating the designs themselves. After all, gone are the days of using Times New Roman to make your text look professional or Comic Sans to make your text look fun (or for the controversial approach). Those fonts are boring by today’s standards, and you’ll have to try harder to impress your reader. Thankfully, this exhaustive list of the best fonts in Canva will help you find the exact typeface you need.

Whether creating a professional presentation, designing a logo, or crafting a wedding invitation, this list of over 75 fonts will have a style for you. The list is broken down into four main types of fonts: serif fonts, sans serif fontsscript fonts, and display fonts. Not all of these fonts are free, with some only available to Canva Pro members. These fonts will be marked as such below.

The Best Serif Fonts In Canva

A serif font is a typeface with small decorative strokes at the ends of larger strokes. These decorative strokes are called “serifs.” These serifs can take various shapes, including wedges, curves, and brackets.

Serif fonts convey a sense of formality, tradition, and reliability. Common examples of popular serif fonts include Times New Roman, Georgia, and Garamond.

1. CMU Serif

CMU Serif is a classic-looking serif font that showcases clean lines and well-balanced proportions. The readability of this font is exceptional, and it works well for both print and digital use. CMU Serif is a reliable staple for any design requiring a Serif font, such as body text for a magazine or an academic paper.

2. Droid Serif

Droid Serif is a traditional serif font that’s a heavier typeface than others of its kind. This font has a distinct personality that makes it a compelling choice for logos, ad copy, or business cards. If you’re looking for a serif font with an assertive edge, Droid Serif is a powerful and stylish choice.

3. IBM Plex Serif

IBM Plex Serif is a font that pays homage to classic computer typography with its crisp, structured strokes and perfect balance. Its tech-inspired aesthetic is reminiscent of early computing, yet it upholds modern design principles when it comes to readability. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a traditional Serif font.

4. Bree Serif

Bree Serif is a bold serif font that commands attention. The combination of robust strokes and assertive curves makes for an eye-catching aesthetic, perfect for any project that requires a powerful impression. This font’s readability is also excellent, even in small sizes.

5. Espoir Serif

Espoir Serif exudes a professional elegance that sets it apart from other fonts.  Its sleek lines and refined curves give it a fancy yet business-like feel, perfect for high-end branding or editorial work. Espoir Serif is an excellent choice if you’re after a serif font that adds a touch of class to your projects.

This font is only available for Canva Pro.

6. Farmhand Serif

Farmhand Serif is a very robust font best used for projects requiring bold text. Despite its weightiness, the Farmhand Serif maintains excellent legibility, making this font a practical choice for impactful design projects.

This font is only available for Canva Pro.

7. Flatory Serif

Flatory Serif is a dynamic typeface characterized by sharp points and artistic flourishes. These unique features give this font a stylish edge, while its clean lines ensure superb readability. Flatory Serif can add an element of sophistication to both headlines and body text.

8. LynxTH Serif

LynxTH Serif offers a unique blend of both thin and thick strokes that lends to a balanced, pleasing aesthetic that’s both modern and classic at the same time. The font’s varying stroke widths ensure it stands out while preserving readability, making LynxTH Serif a valuable asset for anything from business cards to academic papers.

9. Noto Serif

Noto Serif is a reliable typeface that serves as an excellent default serif font. With its classic yet contemporary feel, Noto Serif is a solid, go-to choice for designers seeking a dependable and pleasing font for website content and printed work.

10. Obcecada Serif

Obcecada Serif stands out with its tall, thin letters that feel subtle and elegant. This distinct look gives an air of refinement and visual appeal to any project that requires a subtle touch. Despite the thin lines, Obcecada Serif remains easily legible in most cases.

This font is only available for Canva Pro.

11. CS Gordon Serif

CS Gordon Serif is a commanding typeface that’s bold but doesn’t overwhelm. This font is in all caps, so you must consider that for your design. This font works well for headers, business cards, and logo design.

CS Gordon Serif is only available for Canva Pro. 

12. Flatory Serif Thin

Flatory Serif Thin is a typeface featuring thin, angular letters that can add a unique charm to many different designs. This font is a sophisticated choice for designs seeking a refined and contemporary feel. Perfect for more subtle projects.

13. South Korea Serif

South Korea Serif is a dynamic typeface that showcases a dramatic contrast between its thin and thick strokes. This effect adds depth and intrigue to your text with a unique balance of delicacy and boldness. Great for any design that requires a dynamic appeal.

This font is only available for Canva Pro.

14. TT Alientz Serif

TT Alientz Serif is a font that blends creativity with festivity. Its unique letters produce an air of celebration, making the font perfect for a joyous occasion. Despite its playful nature, it retains the classic elegance of a serif font, offering an engaging and sophisticated balance.

15. Courier PS

Courier PS is a classic serif font that feels like a vintage screenplay. Its monospaced characters and clean lines evoke an authentic typewriter feel. Courier PS is an ideal choice for those seeking the charm of old Hollywood scripts.

16. Solway

Solway is a classic-looking serif font with clean and balanced letters that ensure high readability. Solway might be for you if you’re looking for a bold yet subtle font with a stylish nuance. Great for body text in magazines and articles.

17. Silverfake

Silverfake is a distinctive serif font with a unique, elongated aesthetic. Its slightly squeezed and stretched characters create a fascinating visual dynamic guaranteed to catch the viewer’s eye.  Silverfake offers an edgy, contemporary twist on traditional serif fonts.

18. Elika Gorica

Elika Gorica is a stylish serif font with an unconventional twist. Its slightly irregular shapes and unique letters give it a distinct personality, setting it apart from traditional typefaces. Despite its uniqueness, Elika Gorica remains highly legible, making it a bold and fashionable choice for design projects.

19. Goudy

Goudy is the quintessential default serif font. Its beautifully proportioned characters and balanced design make it highly legible, while its classic aesthetics lends an air of sophistication. Goudy’s versatile appeal makes it a reliable choice for a broad range of typographic designs for both print and digital platforms.

The Best Sans Serif Fonts In Canva

A sans serif font is a type of typeface that lacks the small projecting “serifs” features found in the last batch of fonts. The word “sans” is a French word meaning “without.”

These fonts are often used to present a modern, clean, and minimalist look. They’re highly legible, making them a popular choice for digital and print media. Sans serif fonts are versatile and can be used in body text and headlines.

20. Canva Sans

As a default sans serif, Canva Sans is remarkably adaptable, making it a standout choice for digital and print mediums. Canvas Sans should do the trick if you’re looking for a default sans serif font for a logo, blog post, or advertisement.

21. Etna Sans Serif

Etna Sans Serif has a slender design that shines with its simplicity. Its well-balanced spacing ensures superb readability, making it an excellent choice for any project demanding finesse and legibility. Perfect for resumes or presentation slides.

22. Neue Machina

Neue Machina is notable for its unique treatment of capital letters, with many of them feeling more square than sharp. This font is an excellent choice for projects that need a bit of creativity but also a professional feel.

23. Anteb Bold

Anteb Bold is an excellent bold alternative with a strong visual impact without compromising readability. Anteb Bold is a go-to choice for projects requiring a powerful yet elegant presence.

Anteb Bold is only available for Canva Pro.

24. Bernoru

Bernoru is a bold and classic sans-serif font that beautifully marries tradition with strength. Bernoru’s high legibility and bold characters make it an outstanding choice for projects that require commanding yet classy text. Great for logos, branding, and signage.

25. Sukar

Sukar is a unique sans serif font as most letters appear normal, except for the “k,” which has a distinct flourish. This feature gives the font a creative edge, making it stand out from the others in this section. The rest of its letters are well-balanced and legible, ensuring a creative touch that’s also highly practical.

26. Squada One

Squada One is a striking sans-serif font that captures the essence of an action movie. Its bold and dynamic characters convey a sense of urgency and drama reminiscent of high-paced thrillers. Squada One is perfect for projects seeking to evoke excitement and intrigue.

27. Tamrin

Tamrin is a sans-serif font with a unique stretched-out feel. This elongation adds a distinct dimension to its character, creating an impression of expanded space and breadth. This font is a compelling choice for projects seeking a mix of strength and uniqueness, such as a logo, header, or text on an infographic.

28. Lydian

Lydian is a sans-serif font that’s similar to Tamrin. The biggest difference is how Lydian handles certain letters, such as the “e,” which angles downward, and the “y,” which has a thinner line than most letters. Overall, this font can work as a default for many different designs.

29. Raleway Heavy

Raleway Heavy is a sans-serif font showing its strength and prominence. Despite its weighty feel, Raleway Heavy ensures excellent readability, making it a compelling choice for impactful typography designs such as signage and flyers.

30. Sackers Gothic

Sackers Gothic is a classic sans serif font with a subtle feel and thin, delicate strokes. Its lightweight feel doesn’t compromise its legibility and maintains an air of traditional sophistication.

31. Harmattan

Harmattan is a noteworthy sans-serif font, distinguished by its pronounced curves. Certain letters, such as the “r” or the “t,” have distinct sharp points, creating a sense of dynamism and movement in the text—a great choice for advertising and marketing materials.

32. Saved By Zero

Saved By Zero is a unique sans-serif font that showcases a futuristic vibe. Its sleek, minimalist design evokes a sense of innovation and forward-thinking. Its uniqueness does not compromise readability, making it an excellent choice for projects requiring a modern, distinctive, and forward-thinking style.

33. Balgin

Balgin is a thin sans-serif font that maintains impressive legibility, great for emails, blog text, and social media graphics. Balgin is perfect for designs that require a delicate and clear typeface.

34. Calps

Calps is a sans-serif font that appears to be a default font until you notice the line lengths for certain letters. Especially the letter “a,” with its surprisingly short line down the right side. This font works well for most projects as long as the text is not too small.

Calps is only available for Canva Pro.

35. Univers

Univers is a go-to default sans serif font that works well for almost any project, from online ads to brochures. Its balanced, clean lines make it a go-to choice for most design projects, both digital and physical.

This font is only available for Canva Pro. 

36. Mozer

Mozer is a bold and impactful sans-serif font that is highly legible and promotes a strong presence. Its clean and modern design works well for branding, infographics, and presentations—an excellent choice for designs that demand prominence.

Mozer is only available for Canva Pro.

37. Wildcat

Wildcat is a daring sans serif font noted for its unconventional blocky letters. This unique design lends a certain edginess to the text, creating a compelling visual statement—a novel choice for standout designs.

Wildcat is only available for Canva Pro.

38. Blogger

Blogger is a sans-serif font perfect for blog headings and body text. It offers excellent readability, ensuring the content is easy on the eyes of your reader. The balanced proportions add an air of professionalism, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your blog. Blogger’s adaptability makes it a staple for any blogging platform.

The Best Script Fonts In Canva

A script font is a type of font that mimics handwriting or calligraphy. These fonts are often fluid, flowing letters that are connected together, but they can also look like normal handwriting as well.

These fonts are typically used for invitations, logos, headers, or any design element needing a personal touch. However, because of their decorative nature, these fonts are usually unsuitable for large blocks of text as they can be challenging to read.

39. Brush Script

Brush Script is a script font that emulates the look of elegant brush strokes. Its whimsical style promotes a sense of creativity, making it perfect for projects seeking a touch of imagination. Certain capital letters may feel a bit odd, such as the “Q,” the “F,” and the “T.”

Brush Script is only available for Canva Pro.

40. Citadel Script

Citadel Script is a beautifully ornate script font that mirrors the elegance of fancy handwriting. Its intricate design provides plenty of sophistication, ideal for formal or high-end projects, such as certifications or wedding invitations. A truly refined choice for any design.

This font is only available for Canva Pro. 

41. Eyesome Script

Eyesome Script is a uniquely creative script font, perfect for adding a splash of originality to headers. Despite its artistic style, Eyesome Script still provides a good amount of readability, marrying creativity and functionality. A standout choice for any designer.

42. Intro Script

Intro Script works very well as a default script font. A font that you can grab quickly when you don’t want to think too hard. This font ensures excellent readability without sacrificing its aesthetic charm. It’s a reliable, go-to choice for those seeking classic cursive sophistication.

Intro Script is only available for Canva Pro.

43. Pinyon Script

Pinyon Script is a luxurious script font, perfect for life-changing events. The graceful curves and intricate details can bring a sense of luxury and sophistication to an event invitation or wedding design. Pinyon Script can truly elevate a line of text.

44. Scripter

Scripter is a wonderfully creative script font, offering a unique blend of artistic flair and practicality. The most interesting aspect of this font is that all of the letters are in all caps, except for the “i,” making that one letter stick out. Whether for logos or headlines, Scripter is a font that effortlessly captures attention and sparks imagination.

45. Sulat Rizal

Sulat Rizal is a script font that captures the charm of hasty handwriting. Its quick, scribbled design adds an authentic, personal touch to any project. The design of this font has a hurried look which compromises the readability. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking a font that feels spontaneous.

46. White Star

This script font brilliantly captures the allure of hand-written text. Its standout feature is the capital letters, which are approximately three times larger than the lowercase letters, creating a unique visual rhythm. Despite these playful proportions, White Star maintains great legibility, making it a creative yet practical font choice, perfect for stationery and fashion branding.

47. Railey

Railey is a script font that authentically mimics the look of marker handwriting. It’s characterized by fancy swishes on many of the letters, adding a touch of creativity that’s whimsical and sophisticated. Railey’s unique design, full of personality, is great for menus, greeting cards, and logos.

48. Carlsons Script

Carlsons Script is a standout script font that combines large swipes with thin accents. This font is highly stylish and conveys a sense of sophistication, while its slight irregularities add a touch of whimsy. Best used for specific needs, such as headlines or branding.

Carlsons Script is only available for Canva Pro.

49. Marck Script

Marck Script is a unique font featuring many natural curves. These curvaceous forms lend it an approachable, friendly vibe. Despite its playful nature, Marck Script maintains a level of sophistication, making it versatile for various projects. It’s a delightful choice for those seeking a unique, rounded script font.

50. Sulu Script

Sulu Script is a fantastic font that emulates the calming nature of relaxed handwriting. Its smooth strokes and soft curves create a sense of ease, making it perfect for casual projects. Great for designs that require a serene, personal touch.  

51. Bright Sunshine

With its lively strokes and playful curves, Bright Sunshine infuses the text with an airy, spontaneous feel. Perfect for projects seeking a touch of artistic whimsy, like quotes for a social media post or a header. Bright Sunshine illuminates any work with its vibrant energy.

52. Madelyn – Pro

Madelyn Pro is a reliable script font that excels as a default option. The font’s clean lines, and balanced curves offer excellent legibility without sacrificing its graceful aesthetic. Whether used in headers or body text, Madelyn offers a great blend of style and functionality.

Madelyn is only available for Canva Pro.

53. Brittany

Brittany is a script font that perfectly mimics the energy and spontaneity of a teenage girl’s handwriting. With its lively strokes and youthful curves, it provides a vibrant, playful personality. Its authenticity makes it perfect for projects aimed at younger audiences, infusing any text with a fresh, relatable feel.

54. One Little Font

One Little Font is an adorable script font that mirrors the charming feel of a five-year-old’s handwriting. Some of the capital letters, for example, the “J,” feel extra authentic by not truly being a capital version of the letter, much like a child would write it. Ideal for projects seeking a genuine touch of childhood nostalgia.

55. Just Believe

Just Believe is a dynamic script font that embodies the energy of marker-drawn characters. Its bold, uneven strokes give it an authentic hand-drawn expression. Ideal for projects requiring a touch of creative flair, such as logo design or certain types of branding.

This font is only available for Canva Pro.

56. Apple Juice

Apple Juice is a playful script font, ideal for child-centric projects. The font’s bubbly strokes and rounded characters showcase a playful vibe, capturing the joy of childhood. Apple Juice brings a fun, engaging touch to any kid-friendly text.

Apple Juice is only available for Canva Pro.

57. Ghisella – Pro

Ghisella is a stylish script font with a clean, fancy aesthetic. The font’s elegant strokes and sophisticated design lend a touch of class to any text. The bad news is its beauty comes at the cost of slight legibility issues. Despite this, Ghisella remains a chic choice for wedding designs, stationary, and any design where style outweighs readability.

This font is only available for Canva Pro.

The Best Display Fonts In Canva

A Display font is designed to be used at large sizes, typically in headers, titles, or signage. These fonts are known for their unique and attention-grabbing designs, which can range from ornate and decorative to clean and modern.

Also, display fonts transcend the idea of font styles, meaning that a display font can appear as a serif, sans serif, or script.

58. Distillery Display

Distillery Display is a striking display font with a gothic undertone, echoing the enchanting world of Tim Burton. The unique, slightly eerie characters can add an element of intrigue to any design. Perfect for projects seeking a touch of macabre.

59. Futura Display

Futura Display is a bold, attention-grabbing display font with assertive, clear-cut characters. The design exudes confidence and power, making it an excellent choice for projects that require the reader’s gaze. This font is great for everything from headers to posters.

60. Gulfs Display

Gulfs Display uniquely blends bold thickness and delicate thin, rounded areas. This contrast creates a visually appealing balance that draws the eye. Despite its heavy nature, it retains a graceful charm, offering a robust yet elegant font choice for advertising or banners.

61. Didot LP Display

Didot LP Display is an elegant font that masterfully combines thick and thin areas within its letters. This creates a visually captivating dynamism, adding depth to any text. Its sophisticated design works well for event invitations, signage, or social media posts.

Didot LP Display is only available for Canva Pro.

62. Foda Display

Foda Display is a font that’s characterized by the juxtaposition of its dramatic thick and thin strokes. It’s a captivating choice for those seeking distinctiveness. Fonda Display is a great choice if you’re looking for an exquisite font for a book title or ad.

63. Lemonade Display

Lemonade Display is a delightfully inviting font, radiating warmth and friendliness. Its lowercase-only design adds a casual touch, making it perfect for creating a friendly and approachable atmosphere. Lemonade Display’s charming appeal is a refreshing choice in font design.

64. Kitsch Display Black

Kitsch Display Black is a distinctive display font featuring unique angles in each letter, providing a dynamic and edgy look. Its unconventional design captures the eye, making it ideal for bold statements and creative displays.

65. Stadio Now Display

Studio Now Display is a very classy-looking display font with a consistent flow. This consistent flow is due to the oblong ovals that most of the letters have inside of them. A cool-looking font for logos or T-shirts.

66. Black Gold Display

Black Gold Display is a sleek, elegant font with thin lines and even thinner detailing on many letters. This slender design lends a sophisticated touch to any one of your projects. Black Gold Display is the perfect choice for designs seeking sophistication and subtlety.

67. Zico Display Inline

Zico Display Inline is an intriguing typeface defined by a unique, thin line running through each character. This feature adds a unique depth and dimensionality to the font, creating an interesting visual for a header or title. It’s perfect for projects requiring a modern, innovative touch.

68. File

File Display is a bold and distinctive font notable for its unique pointed elements. These sharp features give it an edgy aesthetic that stands out from the crowd. Even the lowercase “o” has a sharp point on it. This font is ideal for designs seeking to make a strong statement, like a T-shirt or a poster.

69. TD Kalayaan

TD Kalayaan is a display font marked by sharp points on every character. This attribute gives it a modern, edgy feel that can make any text unique. Ideal for designs requiring a striking visual impact, TD Kalayaan showcases bold creativity in the world of display fonts.

70. TAN Headline

TAN Headline is a display font that’s distinguished by a balanced mix of curves and sharp points in each letter. This unique balance imparts an edgy yet elegant aesthetic, perfect for book titles, headers, and T-shirts. TAN Headline is great for grabbing attention.

71. Anahaw

Anahaw is a unique display font that instantly grabs the viewer with its sharp points at the bottom of most letters. This font is not suitable for every situation, but it’s perfect for designs that aim to make a strong visual impact.

72. Barbra

Barbra is a classic display font that echoes the charm of 1950s typography, enhanced by unique tilted ovals within many of its characters. This blend of retro charm and distinctive quirkiness gives Barbra an irresistible appeal. Great for any design that needs an old-school feel.

73. Bisdak

Bisdak is a distinctive display font featuring blocky interiors within each character. If you need an impactful and edgy font, Bisdak is one of the best fonts. Excellent for headers, book covers, and signage.

74. TAN New York

TAN New York is a display font with an intriguing, almost liquid-like quality. This fluidity gives it a sense of movement and elegance, making it eye-catching. TAN New York can bring a fresh, innovative approach to banners or social media posts.

75. Noot

Noot is an intriguing display font, notable for its varying letter sizes. This irregularity creates a playful, whimsical charm, making it truly unique. Perfect for designs seeking to inject a sense of fun and creativity, like a logo or poster.

76. TAN Songbird

TAN Songbird is a bold display font featuring a charming addition. Each ‘i’ is dotted with a tiny heart with this font, adding a sweet, sentimental touch to the robust typeface. This typeface is perfect for projects that seek warmth and personality.

TAN Songbird is only available for Canva Pro.

With so many fonts to choose from, hopefully, you found one worthwhile in this list!

Happy creating!

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