How To Use The Type Tool In Photoshop

Although the basic function of the Type Tool in Photoshop is similar to a word document, there’s a lot of additional functionality that can be missed. To create truly unique and eye-catching designs in your projects, the tutorials you’ll find here will help you make the most of the Type Tool and all its hidden features!

Key Type Tool Tutorials

All Type Tool Tutorials:

The 30+ Best Free Fonts For Photoshop (Must Have Fonts!)

Here are 30+ of the best free fonts for Photoshop perfect for creating title and body text for a project, all without paying a penny!

How To Create A Copyright Symbol In Photoshop (2 Easy Ways)

Here’s how to create a copyright symbol in Photoshop using a keyboard shortcut or font glyphs to make the process quick and easy.

How To Add Texture To Text In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Here’s how to apply a texture to your text layers in Photoshop, along with additional tips to add brush enhancements to improve the effect.

How To Distort Text In Photoshop (Without Rasterizing)

Learn every way to distort text in Photoshop without sacrificing the ability to edit your text and without losing quality.

How To Highlight Text In Photoshop

Learn three different ways to highlight text in Photoshop for either editing text layers, adding a shape highlight, or highlighting PDF text.

How To Border Text In Photoshop

Learn a handful of methods to add borders and outlines to text in Photoshop for various unique text effects suited for any project.

How To Move Text In Photoshop

Learn how to move text in Photoshop along with several different alignment options to streamline the process for professional results.

How To Create Vertical Text In Photoshop

Learn how to quickly create vertical text in Photoshop as well as how to convert existing horizontal text to vertical with one button.

How To Format Text In Photoshop

Learn the ins and outs of how to format text in Photoshop to easily position your text in the ideal place for any project.

How To Resize Text In Photoshop

Learn the fastest and easiest ways to resize text in Photoshop to help your text fit perfectly within your projects.

How To Add Fonts In Photoshop

Learn how to quickly add fonts in Photoshop to customize your text in ways beyond what’s available by default in the program.

How To Make Bold And Italic Text In Photoshop

Learn how to make your text bold or italicized in Photoshop to easily customize your text layers and make certain words stand out.

How To Underline Text In Photoshop

Learn how to underline text in Photoshop with a solid, dotted, or dashed line for the most options possible for this text effect!

How To Fix Text Stuck In Caps In Photoshop

Learn two easy ways to fix text stuck in caps in Photoshop so you can get back to writing exactly as you intended.

How To Create Outline Text In Photoshop

Outlined text is great for posters, flyers, and other marketing materials, and in Photoshop, it’s super easy to make. Creating this text adds a creative flair to your projects as the text can be placed over other images while the center remains transparent for the background to show through. In this tutorial, you’ll learn two … Read more

How To Remove The Background From Text In Photoshop

Learn three ways to remove the background from text in Photoshop even when you don’t have access to the original Photoshop project.

How To Create A Text Box In Photoshop (Complete Guide)

From creating custom shaped text boxes to transparent text boxes, this tutorial will share the easiest ways to create a text box in Photoshop.

5 Easy Ways To Fix Pixelated Text In Photoshop

These 5 ways to fix pixelated text in Photoshop will allow you to have smooth crisp edges with any piece of text you create in the program!

How To Change Font In Photoshop (Fastest Ways!)

Discover how to quickly change the font of your text in Photoshop with a variety of beginner friendly methods.

How To Adjust Text And Line Spacing In Photoshop

Learn how adjust text and line spacing in Photoshop to easily format your text in any project!

What Is Kerning In Photoshop + How To Adjust It

When working with text in Photoshop, Kerning allows you to change the space between individual letters in your text. It serves as a great way to stylize your text or better position things if you have multiple text sizes. Inside Photoshop, there are a few easy ways you can adjust kerning using both keyboard shortcuts … Read more

How To Add Text In Photoshop (Everything You Should Know)

Discover the ins and outs of how to add text in Photoshop as well as learn a variety of customization options to stylize your text.

How To Change The Color Of Text In Photoshop

Learn how to change the color of text in Photoshop whether you want to edit a word, single letters, or existing text applied to an image

How To Center Text And Layers In Photoshop (With One Click!)

Learn the best methods to center text and layers in Photoshop with actionable steps that you can use in a variety of situations!