Lightroom Tutorials:

What Are Embedded Previews In Lightroom + How To Use Them

Use this guide to help you understand the use of embedded previews in Lightroom along with tips to help you use them in your workflow.

How To Undo In Lightroom (Desktop & Mobile)

Learn the different fast and easy ways to undo in Lightroom desktop and mobile so you can experiment with your edits without worry!

How To Move Photos & Folders In Lightroom (3 Easy Ways)

Learn a few easy ways to move photos and folders in Lightroom to keep your catalogs organized and know where all your images are located.

How To Invert Masks In Lightroom

Learn how to easily invert a mask in Photoshop to make adjustments to the opposite of your original selected area.

How To Revert To Your Original Photo In Lightroom (3 Quick Ways)

Learn three quick and easy ways to revert your editing photos in Lightroom back to their originals using manual methods along with shortcuts.

How To Update Lightroom + Enable Auto Updates

Learn how to easily update Lightroom without risking your catalog, along with tips to enable auto-updates in the future.

How To Zoom In Lightroom (2 Easy Ways + Shortcuts)

Learn two easy ways to zoom in Lightroom along with some helpful keyboard shortcuts to make the process even faster.

How To Color Correct & Enhance Colors In Lightroom

Learn how to color correct images in Lightroom along with tips to enhance colors and bring an image to life with a few simple tools.

How To Create & Use Collections In Lightroom

Learn how to create a variety of collections in Lightroom along with the different use cases for using collections in your workflow.

How To Create A Dark & Moody Look In Lightroom

Learn how to create a dark and moody look in your photos with Lightroom using a simple step by step process!

How To Organize Photos In Lightroom Classic & CC

Learn the best ways to organize your photos in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC to help streamline your photography workflow.

How To Blur A Background In Lightroom (Realistically!)

Learn how to blur a background in Lightroom with two different methods that create an ultra realistic background blur in minutes.

How To Quickly Delete A Lightroom Catalog

Learn how to quickly delete a Lightroom Catalog along with other options to delete images and image previews to speed up the program.

How To Import Photos In Lightroom

Learn how to import your photos into Lightroom while gaining a better understanding of the importing interface as a whole.

How To Convert To Black & White In Lightroom Classic & CC

Learn how to convert images to black and white in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC along with batch editing tips to speed up your edits.

How To Brighten & Enhance Eyes In Lightroom

Learn the step-by-step methods behind brightening and enhancing eyes in Lightroom to make your portrait images come to life.