How To Use Layers In Photoshop

Layers are one of the most crucial parts of Photoshop. Unlike other editing software that applies edits directly to your image (often as an XMP file), layers give you far more control. Rather than everything becoming baked into one, you can more easily isolate, move, and alter individual layer adjustments.

The problem is that layers can be intimidating to work with at first. Luckily, this layers resource page will give you all the skills to start working with layers effectively in Photoshop.

If you are completely new to this, start by reading through the Layer Basics tutorials below!

Still feeling stuck in Photoshop? Refer to my Photoshop Tools Guide or my Getting Started In Photoshop Guide to answer any questions.

All Photoshop Layer Tutorials:

How To Edit Only One Layer In Photoshop

Learn two effective ways to edit only one layer in Photoshop using the help of clipping masks and smart filters!

How To Rotate An Image Or Layer In Photoshop

Learn how to rotate an image or layer in Photoshop with a variety of beginner friendly methods to quickly get the job done!

How To Use Adjustment Layers In Photoshop

Learn how to use every adjustment layer in Photoshop to better understand how these tools can be used to edit your projects.

How To Lock Layers In Photoshop

Learn these quick tips to lock layers in Photoshop to prevent you from accidentally editing them when dealing with many layers at once.

Every Way To Select Layers In Photoshop (+ Shortcuts!)

Here’s every way to select layers in Photoshop, whether you want to organize them in the Layers Panel, or create selections from them.

How To Flatten An Image In Photoshop (Complete Guide)

Learn how to quickly flatten an image in Photoshop along with the pros and cons to flattening images compared to merging them.

Flatten Image VS Merge Layers In Photoshop (Explained)

Learn the difference between flatten image and merge layers in Photoshop to see which one you should use and when in your projects.

How To Nudge Layers In Photoshop

Learn how to easily nudge layers in Photoshop along with tips to align layers more precisely with super nudges and snap settings.

How To Use Layer Styles & Layer Effects In Photoshop

Learn how to use layer styles and layer effects in Photoshop along with the differences between these two options in the program.

How To Resize A Layer In Photoshop

Learn the easiest ways to resize a layer in Photoshop without losing quality so you can place objects in your projects with ease.

All 27 Blending Modes In Photoshop Explained

Learn what all of the blending modes in Photoshop do along with a detailed explanation and demonstration of each mode.

How To Create A New Layer In Photoshop

Learn how to create a new layer in Photoshop whether you want to create transparent, adjustment, color, gradient, or pattern fill layers!

How To Auto Select Layers & Groups In Photoshop

Learn how to use Auto-Select in Photoshop to quickly select layers or groups in your project simply by clicking on elements in the canvas.

How To Fill Selections, Layers, Shapes, And Text In Photoshop

Learn how to fill anything in Photoshop from selections, shapes, and text with solid color, gradients, and even images!

27 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Layers & Layer Masks In Photoshop

If you want to know the most important layer and layer mask keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop, this post breaks it all down in one place.

How To Change Layer Visibility In Photoshop

Discover everything you need to know to change layer visibility in Photoshop from toggling individual layers or revealing all layers at once.

How To Flip Images And Layers In Photoshop (Fast!)

If you need to flip or mirror an image in Photoshop, this tutorial will teach you every method you should know for fast results!

How To Edit Smart Objects In Photoshop

Learn the different ways you can edit smart objects in Photoshop so you can directly edit the contents, or edit the smart object as a whole.

How To Use Smart Filters In Photoshop

Learn how to use smart filters in Photoshop while gaining a better understanding of why they’re so valuable to your workflow.

How To Edit Multiple Layers At Once In Photoshop

Learn four effective ways to edit multiple layers at once in Photoshop using groups, linked layers, smart objects, and a copy/paste trick!

How To Change The Color Of Any Layer In Photoshop

Learn how to easily change the color of a layer in Photoshop whether you’re working with image layers, text layers, shape layers, and more!

How To Add An Image To An Existing Layer In Photoshop

Learn how to add an image onto an existing layer in Photoshop by combining your layers into one with merging, grouping, or smart objects!

What Does Rasterize Mean In Photoshop?

If you’ve ever been faced with an error message saying you need to rasterize a layer in Photoshop, this post will explain what that means.

How To Merge Layers In Photoshop (With Shortcuts!)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the ins and outs of merging layers in Photoshop. With different methods and keyboard shortcuts, merging multiple layers has never been easier!

How To Create A Smart Object In Photoshop (6 Easy Ways)

Learn the best ways to create a smart object in Photoshop with tips to convert existing layers and ways to open new images as smart objects.

How To Turn Off Smart Objects In Photoshop

Learn two easy methods you can turn off smart objects in photoshop to reclaim your layers or finally edit your layer directly once again.

What Is A Smart Object In Photoshop And How To Use Them

In this tutorial, you’ll learn what a smart object is and why they’re useful to you. They offer far more versatility than first meets the eye, and here you’ll discover all the best ways to use them.

How To Unlock The Background Layer In Photoshop (Quickly)

Here you’ll learn how to unlock the background layer in Photoshop with just one click, with other alternatives to unlocking layers as well!

How To Duplicate Layers In Photoshop (With Shortcuts!)

Learn the best ways to duplicate layers in Photoshop using a few easy shortcuts and other workarounds that can be done in seconds.

How To Unmerge Layers In Photoshop

Whether you merged or flattened your layers, the result is going to be the same. Multiple layers now have become one, and there’s no way to edit them individually. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways you can unmerge layers in Photoshop using some easy commands to get all your layers back.

Linking Vs Grouping Layers – What’s The Difference?

The two most effective ways to keep your Layer panel organized is by using linked layers or groups. On the surface, each of these options appears to do nearly the same thing. When you look a little deeper, there are very notable differences between each.

How To Link Layers In Photoshop

One of the most basic ways of keeping two different layers connected is by linking them. Here’s how to do it!

How To Group Layers In Photoshop

It doesn’t take much to create a messy and disorganized layers panel. That’s why learning how to group layers in Photoshop is so crucial. Groups are a simple way to sort your layer panel and keep related layers together.

How To Crop A Layer In Photoshop Using These 3 Simple Methods

If you’re struggling to figure out how to crop a layer in Photoshop, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are a few easy (not so obvious) methods to help you crop a single layer in Photoshop.