How To Edit Photos In Photoshop

Here, you’ll find all the tutorials you need to begin confidently editing your photos in Photoshop. From basic image corrections like exposure and white balance to color grading, cropping, or even resizing photos, this page has you covered.

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Most Important Lessons

Essential Photoshop Editing Tutorials

How To Create A Vignette In Photoshop – 4 Best Ways

Learn four ways of creating a vignette in Photoshop to quickly darken the edges of a photo and draw more attention to your subjects.

How To Batch Edit & Export Images In Photoshop

Learn how to batch edit photos in Photoshop using Camera Raw and Photoshop Actions along with an easy technique to batch export your files.

How To Make A Watermark In Photoshop (3 Easy Ways)

Discover three easy ways to add a watermark to a photo in Photoshop with either a PNG logo or a custom text layer related to your brand.

How To Read & Use A Histogram In Photoshop

Learn the different ways to read and use a histogram in Photoshop within the main workspace as well as Camera Raw.

How To Add Copyright & Edit Photo Metadata In Photoshop

Learn how to easily add copyright information to an image in Photoshop along with ways to manage your metadata and save copyright templates.

How To Dodge And Burn In Photoshop

Learn how to dodge and burn in Photoshop in a non-destructive way so you can easily refine your dodge and burn adjustments if needed.

How To Change Exposure In Photoshop (4 Best Ways)

Learn the easiest ways to change exposure in Photoshop to help recover dark or bright images and make them look picture perfect.

How To Dehaze In Photoshop

Learn how to Dehaze in Photoshop whether you’re working with a RAW or JPEG file so you can enhance details and prevent flat looking images.

How To Change White Balance In Photoshop

Learn the easiest ways to change white balance in Photoshop to help get better colors and remove unwanted color cast in your images!

How To Edit Clarity And Texture In Photoshop

Learn how to quickly edit the texture and clarity in Photoshop with the help of the Camera Raw filter and some selective adjustment tools!

How To Brighten Photos In Photoshop

Discover 5 of the best ways to brighten photos in Photoshop to correct dark exposures and bring back the details in your images!

How To Darken Images And Layers In Photoshop (3 Easy Tools)

Discover three easy tools to darken images or layers in Photoshop with ease, whether you’re editing photos or working on a graphic design project!

How to Edit Photos In Photoshop (Easy 10-Step Method)

Learn an actionable 10 step workflow perfect for beginners who want to learn how to edit photos in Photoshop.

How To Create A Matte Effect In Photoshop + Free Photoshop Action

Learn how to create a matte effect in Photoshop with a variety or beginner-friendly tools or with the help of a free Photoshop Action!

How To Use Camera Raw In Photoshop

How To Use EVERY Masking Tool In Camera Raw (Selective Adjustments)

Learn how to use every masking tool in Camera Raw to create selective adjustments in your images to refine the look and correct the exposure!

How To Copy & Paste Camera Raw Adjustments In Photoshop

Discover the easy methods to copy and paste camera raw adjustments in Photoshop between multiple RAW files or between smart objects.

2 Easy Ways To Open Images With Camera Raw In Photoshop

Discover two easy ways to open images in Camera Raw in Photoshop whether you’re working with RAW files or JPEGS!

How To Install Presets In Camera Raw

Learn how to install presets in Camera Raw within Photoshop to make quick and easy adjustments to your RAW or JPEG files within the program.

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Camera Raw In Photoshop

Learn 8 important reasons why you should use Camera Raw in your workflow and see how it stacks up against the main Photoshop workspace.

How To Crop & Resize Images In Photoshop

How To Resize Pixel Art In Photoshop (Without Losing Quality)

Learn two effective ways to resize your pixel art in Photoshop without losing quality so your artwork is ready to be shared or printed!

How To Fix Pixelated Images In Photoshop (2 Best Fixes)

Learn the two best ways to fix pixelated images in Photoshop to take your lower quality images and turn them into a much sharper version.

How To Use Generative Expand In Photoshop

Learn the step by step process behind how to use Generative Expand in Photoshop to improve your cropping and composition for any photo!

How To Straighten A Photo In Photoshop (2 Fast Ways)

Here are the two best ways to straighten a photo in Photoshop, along with a bonus method to straighten your image without cropping!

How To Increase Image Resolution in Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn how to easily increase the image resolution of your project in Photoshop along with tips to ensure you get the best results possible.

How To Batch Resize Images In Photoshop (2 Easy Ways)

Learn two simple ways to batch resize images in Photoshop to save yourself time, energy, and stress when resizing many images at a time.

How To Make A Passport Size Photo In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Let’s take a look at the requirements for a passport photo, and how you can create a passport size photo in Photoshop with a few basic steps.

How To Enlarge A Photo In Photoshop (3 Easy Ways)

Learn three insanely powerful ways to enlarge a photo in Photoshop without losing quality up to 600% larger than its original size.

How To Resize Images For Print In Photoshop (2 Easy Ways)

Learn two easy ways to resize images for print in Photoshop without sacrificing image quality and getting poor results in your prints.

How To Add Bleed And Crop Marks In Photoshop

Learn a handful of easy ways to add bleed and crop marks to your images in Photoshop to prepare a photo for printing without needing to crop!

How To Use Perspective Warp In Photoshop (Step By Step)

Learn how to use perspective warp in Photoshop to align distorted edges and make things look true to real life without lens distortion.

How To Crop Images Into A Shape In Photoshop

Learn two impressively easy ways to crop images into a shape in Photoshop without losing image quality or wasting time.

How To Convert Low To High Resolution In Photoshop

Learn how to convert low to high resolution in Photoshop to enhance your images, improve details and print at a higher quality.

How To Change The Aspect Ratio Of An Image In Photoshop

Learn how to quickly change the aspect ratio of a photo in Photoshop so you can get perfect sizing for print and other publishing uses.

How To Free Crop In Photoshop (Unconstrained Cropping)

If you want to free crop your images in Photoshop so you aren’t constrained to a certain aspect ratio, this tutorial will share how to do it!

The 3 Best Ways To Resize An Image In Photoshop (Easy!)

Learn three of the most effective ways to resize an image or layer in Photoshop without losing quality

Color Grading Tutorials For Photoshop

How To Use Gradient Maps In Photoshop

Learn the ins and outs of how to use gradient maps in Photoshop to color grade your photos and transform your images for the better.
blend if sliders photoshop

How To Use Blend-If In Photoshop (Ultimate Guide)

Learn how to master the blend if sliders in Photoshop to easily blend layers into parts of your image based on exposure values.

How To Color Grade In Photoshop (5 Easy Ways)

Learn five simple yet effective techniques to color grade photos in Photoshop in any way you can imagine for a professional edit.

How To Create A Cinematic Look In Photoshop – Step By Step

Learn how to create a cinematic look in Photoshop to match the rich colors and contrast seen in your favorite movies.

How To Change Color Profiles In Photoshop – 2 Easy Ways

Learn how to change color profiles in Photoshop while in an existing project, or a new project, to ensure you get accurate color displays.

5 Easy Ways To Change And Replace Color In Photoshop

Discover five incredible techniques to select and change color in Photoshop whether you need to change object, clothing or background color!

How To Use Lightroom Presets In Photoshop

Learn the easy methods to using Lightroom Presets in Photoshop as well as how to convert your Lightroom Presets into Photoshop Actions!

What Are XMP Files In Photoshop & Lightroom?

Discover what an XMP file is in Lightroom and Photoshop to better understand how to use these files in your photo editing.

How To Change Black To Any Color With Photoshop

Learn the best way to change black into a color with Photoshop using the help of a color fill layer, a handy blending mode, and levels!

Sharpening & Noise Tutorials For Photoshop

How To Focus Stack In Photoshop (Ultimate Guide)

Learn how to capture and create a tack sharp focus stack in Photoshop with the easy steps outlined in this guide.

3 Ways To Unblur A Photo In Photoshop (Fix Blurry Images)

Learn three effective ways to unblur images in Photoshop to correct blurry photos whether they are slightly out of focus or have motion blur.

How To Use The Unsharp Mask To Sharpen Images In Photoshop

Learn how to use the Unsharp Mask filter in Photoshop along with exact settings to use for optimal sharpening effects on any image.

How To Sharpen An Image In Photoshop

Learn four of the best ways to sharpen an image in Photoshop to help enhance details or prepare your images for printing.

The 3 Best Ways To Reduce Noise In Photoshop

Learn three effective methods to reduce noise in your images in Photoshop to fix any troubles you encounter while using a high ISO.